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Can you name the true blood characters :p?

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Forced Order
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owns fangtasia,sheriff of area 5 ,vampire
gay,taras cousin,dated jesus
fancies jason,vampire,dated sam
telapathic fairy,parents passed away,works at merlottes
sleeps round,dates crystal,sookies brother
eric proginy,lezbian,vampire,taras maker
vampire,falls for hoyt,ginger,bills proginy
falls for jess,human,was jasons best friend
shapeshifter,owns merlottes,brothers called tommy
works at merlottes,has three kids,dated terry
andys cousin,dates arlene,cook at merlottes
sheriff of bon temps,dated holly,terrys cousin
king of mississippi,lover dies,vampire
had an exorcism,ex drunk,taras mum
vampire,sookies first love,jessicas maker
were,dated debbie,fancies sookie

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