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a character or a nonhuman force that opposes or is in conflict with the protagonist.antagonist
the regular form of spoken and written language, measured in sentences rather than lines, as in poetry.prose
a section of a poem, marked by extra line spacing before and after, that often has a single pattern of meter and/or rhyme. Conventional stanza types include ballad stanza, Spenseristanza
a light or humorous verse form consisting of mainly anapestic lines of which the first, second, and fifth are of three feet; the third and fourth lines are of two feet; and the rhylimerick
a figure of speech that combines two apparently contradictory elements, as in wise fool.oxymoron
any work that imitates or spoofs another work or genre for comic effect by exaggerating the style and changing the content of the original; parody is a subgenre of satire. Examplesparody
a rule of conduct or a maxim for living (that is, a statement about how one should live or behave) communicated in a literary work. Though fables often have morals such as 'Don’tmoral
a plot-structuring device whereby a scene from the fictional future is inserted into the fictional present or is dramatized out of order.flash forward

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