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What is her last name?Rachel
Who is her father?Monica
What is her birth mother's name?Phoebe
What are his kids' names?Chandler
How many sisters does he have?Joey
What is his lesbian ex-wife's name?Ross
Who does she leave at the altar?Rachel
What is her profession?Monica
How many babies does she have on the show?Phoebe
What is his mother's name?Chandler
What is his favourite food?Joey
What is his monkey's name?Ross
Which friend does she not have a fling/relationship with?Rachel
Who is her long time boyfriend before she gets married?Monica
What is her brother's wife's name?Phoebe
How many siblings does he have?Chandler
What does he do for a living?Joey
How many divorces does he get?Ross
What famous city offers her a job in the last season?Rachel
Who is the 16 year old she sleeps with?Monica
What is her adoptive mother's name?Phoebe
What is the name of his father's gay burlesque show?Chandler
What injury does he get after his health insurance runs out?Joey
What does he call the gravy soaked piece of bread in Monica's turkey sandwich?Ross
Where is her first job?Rachel
What does her Dad give her when all her child belongings are ruined?Monica
What is her father's name?Phoebe
Where does he have to work after he falls asleep in one of his meetings?Chandler
What piece of art does he keep from the apartment he owned alone?Joey
Who does he meet when he goes on his dig to China?Ross
Who gets her the job at Bloomingdales?Rachel
Who does she have an intense game of ping pong with in Barbados?Monica
What is the name of her overly positive boyfriend?Phoebe
What is he afraid of?Chandler
What is the name of his brown recliner?Joey
Who is the attractive paleontologist he dates?Ross
Who is her annoying co worker at Ralph Lauren who she ends up kissing?Rachel
What is she obsessive about?Monica
What does she say to Ross when she mugged him as a teenager?Pheobe
What does he make for the thanksgiving that everyone is late for?Chandler
Who does he fall in love with?Joey
What is the name of the girl he sleeps with when him and Rachel are 'on a break'?Ross
What does she enter Emma in where they win $1000?Rachel
Who is her first kiss?Monica
What is the name of her first husband?Phoebe
What holiday does he hate?Chandler
What does he get when Phoebe is in labour at the hospital?Joey
What is the name of the comic book he created when he was younger?Ross
What are her sisters names?Rachel
What is her favourite toy as a child?Monica
Which of her songs got turned into a music video?Phoebe
What is his middle name?Chandler
What character did he portray in Days of our Lives?Joey
What instrument does he want to play for Monica and Chandler's wedding?Ross
Who takes her to her senior prom?Rachel
Which friend has she never lived with?Monica
Who did she tell she tried to phase Monica out after they lived together?Phoebe
What career does he go into after he quits his job?Chandler
What is his agent's name?Joey
What student does he end up dating?Ross
How many seasons of Friends are there?EVERYONE

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