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defeated Napoleon once and for all.
halted the Axis advance into the Soviet Union, and ground down the strength of the Wehrmacht.
ended Ottoman expansion into Central Europe, and solidified Habsburg hegemony over the region.
irreversibly damaged the Confederate Army, and turned the tide of the American Civil War.
ensured Norman reign over England, and forever changed the ethno-political dynamics of Western Europe.
put the Japanese Empire on the defensive against the United States indefinitly, and resulted in massive losses for the Japanese Imperial Navy
ended Arab expansion into Western Europe, and ensured Frankish domination of the region for years to come.
ended British hopes of splitting the American colonies in half, and brought France into the war on the side of Americans, turning the tide of the war.
kept the Greek Civilization from being destroyed by the Persian Empire, thus ensuring the survival of modern Western socio-political culture.
prevented a German attack on Paris, thus preventing German victory over France.

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