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appointments based on political observations
the ability of agencies to choose courses of action and to make policies not set out in the statutory law
the relationship between an agency, a committee, and an interest group
led to increased government activism
veto used to change an executive agency
too many complex rules and procedures must be followed to get something done
two government agencies seem to be doing the same thing
agencies spend more than is necessary to buy some products and services
many federal officials are appointed only aftetr they have passed a written examination
a United States environmental law that established a U.S. national policy promoting the enhancement of the environment and also established the President's Council on Environmental
created in 1887, marked the time when federal government began to regulate the economy in a large way
“confidential or policy-determining character” below cabinet posts (executive assistants, special aides, etc.)
A large, complex organization composed of appointed officials, where authority is divided among several managers and/or departments
an agency that has already identified a person for a position submits a form describing a job to the OPM. On the same form is the name of the person who they want for the job. They
freely competitive economy
some agencies seem to be working at cross-purposes with other agencies
employees of agencies or bureaus
composed of interest groups, professors, think tanks, and media who regularly debate government policy on a certain subject
the power of congress to oversee the bureaucracy
agencies tend to grow without regard to the benefits that their programs

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