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Do you know your Les Mis trivia? Covers the 2012 movie, the brick, and the musical.

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Forced Order
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Who raised Marius?Starts with the letter G
What is Cosette's real name?
Who sings this line: 'My life was a war that could never be won.'Starts with the letter V
Who was Cosette's mother?
Which member of the Les Amis de L'ABC was NOT a student?Starts with the letter F
Who portrayed Grantaire in the 25th anniversary concert?
What was the name of Marius' father?Starts with the letter G
What was the name of Joly's mistress?
The 'center' of the Les Amis de L'ABC was whom?Starts with the letter C
Who wrote Les Misérables?
Whose death causes Enjolras to tell Javert, 'Your friends have just shot you.'Poet of the Les Amis de l'ABC
Who portrayed Enjolras in the 2012 movie?
In the novel, which character had the last words of, 'Whatever have you done with your hat?'Eagle.
Which two characters sing The Confrontation?
What was Eponine's sister's name?Starts with the letter A
True or false: The Thenardiers only had one son in the novel.
How long was Valjean originally in jail for?'-- years for what you did, the rest because you tried to run!'
In the musical, what does Javert call Valjean?
What song follows A Heart Full of Love in the 2012 movie?Sung by Eponine and Thenardier
Who played Madame Thenardier in the 10th anniversary concert?
What song contains the phrase, 'No one ever told them that a summer day could kill.'Most of it is cut out of the 2012 movie.
Here's an easy one: Who is the protagonist?
What is Lesgles' nickname?Name of a bishop.
Who is mistaken for Valjean and almost imprisoned?
What year did the June Rebellion take place?1-3-
Who says the following line in the musical/movie: 'General Lamarque is dead!'
Who was Cosette's biological father?Starts with the letter T
How does Javert die?
Who is the unrequited love interest of Marius?She knows her way around.
What are the first three words of Suddenly?
To whom are Grantaire and Enjolras frequently compared?The name of the chapter where they die. Only one pair is accepted.
What is the most feared gang in Paris?
What is the name of Eponine's famous song?3 words.
Who is the hypochondriac of the group?
How did Combeferre die?Combeferre, -------------, just as he was lifting a wounded soldier, had only time to look to heaven, and expired
What was the name of the man who reported Fantine to Javert after she cut his face in self defense?
How does Grantaire respond when Marius describes Cosette in ABC Café/Red and Black?Any phrase from his solo will work, not just the first four words.
In the book, what does a soldier compare Enjolras to as he is about to be shot.
What does Marius originally think Cosette's name is?
What two languages must Marius learn to earn a living? One is the language this quiz is written in.

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