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The divas first duet
A romantic duet between two songwriters
A song about being alone and coming to terms with a breakup
An unlikley trio forms (Striking Matches song)
A reflection on whats important ( original performer )
Sure to make the girls melt in their boots
Flowers don't always solve everything
Not one, not two, but three guys sing this fun tune
This performer may be down, but their certainly not out
A Lumineers cover
Finding a place in the sun
Becoming strong during a weak moment
Brad Paisley joined her on the show to sing this one.
A gospel song performed by a talented singer who is Scarletts best friend
This character threatens Juliette
A last minute plea by Gunnar to Scarlett
A duet by a singer and her uncle
Lovers from different record lables bond over this season two duet
Deacon gives this song to Rayna defending Juliette
A tragic loss prompts this good boy to go bad for a moment

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