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Can you name the events that happened on December 7??

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Ford Motor Company produced the last unit of this automobile1931
The Japanese bombed this U.S. Navy base, precipitating the entry of the U.S. into World War II1941
The temperature reached a record 87 degrees below zero (Fahrenheit) in this area of Canada1948
The first episode of this British soap opera was broadcast1960
All Soviet consulates were shut down in Egypt amid accusations that they were interfering with Egypt's peace negotiations with this country1977
British cabinet minister Lord Soames was named transitional governor of this country to oversee its progress toward independence1979
This Soviet premier arrived in the U.S. to meet with President Ronald Reagan1987
An estimated 50,000 people were killed by an earthquake of 7.2 magnitude in this republic of the Soviet Union1988
Colin Ferguson killed six people and wounded 17 on a commuter train in this state in the eastern U.S.1993
This spacecraft arrived at the planet Jupiter more than six years after being launched from Earth1995
The Recording Industry Association of America filed a lawsuit against this file-sharing service1999
A tornado damaged 150 homes in this European city2006

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