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Can you name the The Golden Girls A-Z?

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(A) Rose's boyfriend Miles had this name in his first appearance
(B) Rue's character's full name is...(first, middle, last - two possible answers)
(C) The name of the gay cook in the pilot was...
(D) The Girls sometimes take care of their neighbor's dog. His name was...
(E) The name of the man Dorothy has a sexual fling with yet isn't attracted to...
(F) The name of the man Sophia and Blanche fight over
(G) The name of the spin-off series after this show ended
(H) Blanche's maiden name is...
(I) The name of the movie Sophia said stunk while giving advice
(J) Blanche's daughter Rebecca's verbally abusive fiance was named...
(K) Where they have their nightly cheesecake talks
(L) What the Girls called their patio
(M) The name of Blanche's most frequent date
(N) Rose's last name is..
(O) The town Rose is from is St. O....
(P) Sophia once claimed to have an affair with this artist
(Q) This actor/director had a one time role in the series
(R) Rose said her name sounded like this to help someone remember her name
(S) The retirement home Sophia hated
(T) What is the word Rose suggested she and Dorothy use in a song about Miami?
(U) Where did Rose go to college to learn Pig Latin?
(V) Dorothy recommends Stan's cousin Magda read Thomas Paine's Common Sense and this person's autobiography
(W) The last name of Blanche's Mammy was...
(X) X is the last letter of the thing they like to talk about most.. what is the word? (does not start with x)
(Y) The nickname Sophia had for Stan
(Z) Dorothy's last name for most of the series

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