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QUIZ: Can you name the Disney movies these songs are from ?

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Song Titles Disney Movie
Friend Like Me
A World of My Own
April Showers
Mother Knows Best
Once Upon a Dream
Virginia Company
When You're the Best of Friends
Everybody Wants to be a Cat
Strange Things
Something There
A Dream is a Wish your Heart Makes
Whistle While you Work
Feed the Birds
I've Got No Strings
Following the Leader
I Won't Say I'm in Love
Song Titles Disney Movie
Be Prepared
Les Poissons
Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride
Little Black Rain Cloud
Bella Notte
What's This?
Oo De Lally
Out There
A Girl Worth Fighting For
Strangers Like Me
The Bare Necessities
That's How You Know
Baby Mine
When She Loved Me
Why Should I Worry
Almost There

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