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Was a wrestler before he became a hero
Weapon X project
Has a shield made of vibranium
An orphaned billionaire
Journalist at the Daily Planet
An original Avenger
Donald Blake
Was the Dark Knight's first sidekick
A modern day Robin Hood
The original Red Hood
Has an army of robots
Once ran for President of the United States
The final Green martian to survive
Is addicted with riddles
Whatever you do do not make him angry
King of Atlantis
Has died multiple times
A forensic scientist from Central City
A hero that had a terrible movie
The Merc with a Mouth
Original X men member
Went to prison as a baby to pay for his fathers crimes
The Robin who came back from the dead
Leader of the League of Assasins
Has kryptonite in his chest
A psychiatrist that went nuts
The leader of Hydra
Leader of the X-Men
First ever mutant
Once an Iron Man villain turned into a S.H.I.E.L.D agent
Ruler of Asgard
The hero who came up with the name Avengers
Trained in the mystic arts
Makes his choices with the flip of a coin
Former Arkham Asylum doctor
Main Antagonist of Arrow season 2
Head of Argus
An adopted Frost Giant
Catburgular who stole Batman's heart
A scientist who turned into a reptile
Leader of the Sinister Six
Reporter of the Daily Bugle who became Spiderman's most deadliest foe
From the planet Titan
WW2 sidekick turned mercenary
The Avengers most deadliest foe
Member of the Sinister Six
Leader of A.I.M
Editor of the Daily Bugle
The head of H.A.M,M.E.R
Ruler of Apokolips
The speedster from the future
Found by the Avengers frozen in ice
A blind lawyer by day a vigilante by night
Originally called Marvel Girl
Father of Superman
The biggest threat the Fantastic Four have faced
Head of the Gotham PD
Corrupt Green Lantern corp member
The second Human Torch
Ruler of Wakanda
King of the Inhumans
Born on a monday
A reporter turned psychotic hero
Bird like mob boss
Former criminal turned hero
Director of S.H.I.E.L.D
Dangerous Asgardian Weaponary
Became paralysed when shot by the Joker
The leader of the Fantastic Four
Responsible for Superman's Death
Wife of Reed Richards
Original X-Men member turned into one of Apocalypse's minions
Once a General who became one of Hulk's deadliest foes
A scientist whose goal is to save his wife
Wants to rule Atlantis
Her scream packs a punch
Enemy of the Fantastic Four turned hero
Sorceress who wants Thor
The opposite of Superman
A former friend of Professor X
Robots designed to kill mutants
Butler of the Stark's
Rocky member of the Fantastic Four
Member of Heroes for Hire
Murderer that created Batman
Member of the Kree Empire
Batman's four legged companion
Ruler of the Phantom Zone
Herald of Galactus that's an ally of the Fantastic Four
Friend of Spiderman turned enemy
Member of the X-Men and wife of the Black Panthec
Medieval enemy
Archenemy of Dr Strange
Robotic member of the Justice League
Rival of Wolverine
Cousin of Bruce Banner
Android created by Ultron
Android with the abilities of the Justice League
Mother of one of the Robin's
Former bully of Peter Parker turned ally
Mind controlling Gorilla
Trained to defeat Thanos
Ruler of the Dark Dimension
The other member of the Heroes for Hire
The half vampire
Princess of Olympia
Lord of Chaos
Wife of Black Bolt
Animal themed villain
Friend of Tony Stark also one of his closest allies
Guardian of The Bifrost Bridge
Villains whose weapons are mirrors
The other goblin themed villain
Ruler of the Negative Zone
The Second Archer
The Second Robin
An alien who copied the abilities of the Fantastic Four
Leader of The Wrecking Crew
Member of the Rogues
Serial Killer who bonded with the Symbiote
Mob boss
Leader of the Red Lantern Corps
A villain made out of clay
A hero that is a kid who just needs to say one word
A human that can shapeshift into different creatures
Armoured Assasin
Originally named Jack Frost
Deputy S.H.I.E.L.D Director
Step brother of Professor Xavier
Mutant from the future
Feathered criminal
Leader of the Suicide Squad and deadly assasin
Scientist who turned himself into a bat like creature
Psychiatrist friend of the Hulk
Also known as the Dark Archer
Main villain of the Hulk
Criminal that was given powers by Loki
Hydra agent
S.H.I.E.L.D agent and wife of Hawkeye
Father of the girlfriend of The Thing
Detective of the Gotham PD
Ape like creature
The cousin of Superman
An ex S.H.I.E.L.D agent turned criminal
Leader of the Masters of Evil and foe of Captain America
Brother of Wonderman
From the Thangarian race
A kiss from this villain could be your last
Son of Darkseid
The Future Batman
Holder of the Darkforce Dimension
The Russian X-Men
Member of the Watcher race
Leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy
An ex criminal and the second Ant Man
Son of Magneto and member of the Avengers
Family killed by gang members
Wife of Luke Cage
Olympian God
Ruler of the War World
Time themed villain
A time travelling hero from the 25th century
Creator of the Android that can copy the abilities of the Justice League
Daughter of Magneto
When given the power of Shazam turned evil
Created the android member of the Justice League
Raccoon like creature
Robotic member of the Teen Titans
Member of the Justice League who can shrink
German mutant who can teleport
Creator of Murderworld
Archenemy of Iron Man
Member of the Frightful Four
Hero who rides a flamed covered bike
Spiderman foe who bonds with the symbiote
Queen of the H.I.V.E
Lex Luthor's bodyguard
Member of the Wrecking Crew
Pyromaniac mutant
Hydra scientist
X-men member who can absorb other people's abilities
Cloak's polar opposite
Enemy of Aquaman
Alien Tyrant
French mercenary
Fire demon
Leader of the vampires
Son of Wolverine
Villain that uses illusions
Shapeshifter mutant
Howling Commando and S.H.I.E.L.D member
Herald of Galactus
Australian villain who chucks boomerangs
S.H.I.E.L.D agent
As a punishment was turned into a demon
Wife of Hawkman
Hero that can absorb radiation
Mutant that can shake the place
Snow beast like creature
Villain that uses toys as a weapon
Clone of Wolverine
Son of Cyclops
Kree Accuser
Atlantian Tyrant
Amphibian like mutant
Scientist that struck a deal with Apocalypse
A human with Kree abilites
Criminal that shocks his victims
Vigilante that asks a lot of questions
Tree like alien
Vigilante who wants revenge for the murder for her parents
A hot headed Green Lantern
Owner of a company
Leader of the Frightful Four
The Wife of Bruce Banner
Creator of the Spider Slayers
Sidekick of Aquaman
Student of Dr Strange
Daughter of Thanos
Copies other peoples moves
Absorbs people's abilities
Alien computer
Wizard based villain
Fire villain
Alien tech suit
Mercenary for the Red Skull
Electric powered villain
Sorcerer member of the Teen Titans
Female assasin
Mutant that can morph into walls
Wielder of the Stormbreaker
Scientist who can control gravity
Hero with animal based abilities
From the Savage Land
Member of the Teen Titans and lover of Nightwing
From the Negative Zone
Leader of the Frost Giants
Thief who became an X-Men
Member of the Guardians of the Galaxy
Member of the Frightful Four
Wife of the Absorbing Man
Member of the Inhumans
Sabertooth tiger
Uncle of Roy Harper
Project Blockbuster test subject
Leader of the Dark Elves
Four legged member of the Inhumans
Leader of the Zodiac
Leader of Hydra
Villain that feeds on hunger
Member of the Inhumans
Lover of Thor
Warriors Three member
Hero that can get himself out of tricky situations
Stronger than the Hulk
Member of the Inhumans
Member of the Inhumans
Time conqueror
Martial arts mercenary
Controls apes
Cat burglar ally of Spiderman
Secretary and lover of Tony Stark
Originally named Blacklash
Partner of Hercules
Vigilante who trained Black Canary
Playboy with armours and weapons
Sidekick of Captain America
Original Flash
Enemy of Daredevil
Third Flash
Turned into a vampire
Fourth Flash
The one who trained Hawkeye
Member of the Hellfire Club and X-Men
Friend of the Hulk
Son of the Kingpin
Dragon like alien

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