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Forced Order
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Creator of Mormonism
withdrawal from a country
Party created after the end of the Whigs- wanted to end the expansion of slavery
Advocator for the rights of the insane
Location of the Confederacy surrender
5 people in Kansas were killed by John Brown and his mob
Riots that occurred in response to conscription
Major philosophical movement of the 1800s
General of the Mexican Army
Creator of 'Manifest Destiny'I don't know if we have to know this
'Immortal' politician, helped create Compromise of 1850
Name for the expectations of women in the 1800s
Fort that was held by Americans in M-A War
Idea that states can vote on whether or not to become slave states
Supreme Court Ruling: African Americans are not citizens
South Carolina Senator who pushed for secession
The right to not be unlawfully imprisoned
Civil War battle where Mississippi was taken by Union
Ending slavery
'Conductor' of the Underground Railroad
General of the Confederate Army after peninsular campaign
Hesitant Union General
_____________'s March to Sea
Lincoln's assassinator
Sometimes drunken, yet successful Union General
Convention where women's rights advocators met
This Document was written at the convention above
Extreme Abolitionist, used violence, raided Harper's FerryGood Evening!
Original Union Civil War Strategy
Famous Speech given by Lincoln
Movement to limit alcohol consumption
Result of the Lincoln-Douglas debates
Treaty that ended M-A war, gave US land
Name of the land given in above treaty
Writer of Uncle Tom's Cabin
Lee's drastic mistake at Battle of Gettysburg
War strategy focused on tiring out the enemy until it can no longer fight
Final Union War strategy
Mostly African American Regiment
Bloodiest day in American History
Belief of Mormonism: Many wives
Northern Democrats who opposed the Civil War and Lincoln
Issuing that called slaves in Confederate states to join Union Army
First Engagement in Civil War
Confederate General at beginning of war with a pretty sick nickname
Policy of drafting people into military
Organizer of Seneca Falls Convention
Extreme Abolitionist: End Slavery now!And the women can help!
Freed slave turned abolitionist
President of Confederacy
Belief in 'fixing' prisoners, not punishing them
Lincoln's presidential predecessor
Name for '49ers flocking to this state
Society for the end of slavery
Name for escape route for slaves in the South
Election with 4 candidates: Lincoln, Douglas, Breckenridge, and Bell
Battle with the Washington Socialites=this is gonna be a long war
Education Reformer from MA
Act made by Stephen Douglas to organize new territory to build railroad
FIrst State to Secede from the Union

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