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Forced Order
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Placed laws on the ballot so people had the last say
Act created to enforce ICA
Sioux Indian leader who predicted victory in battle
Act where government was to buy $2-4 Million of silver each month
Amendment ending slavery
Queen of Hawaii, wanted Hawaiian self-rule
Historian who described the significance of the end of the American Frontier
'Buffalo Bill', famous cowboy in wildwest shows (and the namesake of the Buffalo Bills)
What Wilson called the Banks, the Trusts and the Tariff collectively
Great inventor of the light bulb
Naval officer who wrote 'The Influence of Sea Power upon History'
Cases ruling that the 'flag did not outrun the Constitution'
Act that created the Civil Service Commission
Democratic Nominee vs. Rutherford B. Hayes
Wilson's idea of more active government, economic and social reform
'Bull Moose' president, Progressive Republican
Policy of goodwill towards Latin American countries
Trial in TN about evolution
Treaty with the British allowing US to build and fortify Panama Canal
Phrase given to continual reference of Civil War in politics
Roosevelt's ideology of US might and more Government control
Head of the Food Administration, future president
Conservation Control of Corporations Consumer Protection
Part of the Cuban constitution guaranteeing the US the right to intervene
British Prime Minister during peace negotiations
Wrote numerous fiction books for young boys, sold over 100 million copies
Revolutionary poorhouse founder and leader
Naval Hero in the Philippines
Champion of the Populist movement, lost 3 presidential elections
NY political cartoonist, the bane of Boss Tweed's existence
American Aviator and hero who flew across the Atlantic
Amendment for female suffrage
Steel company owner known for philanthropy
Name given to those friendly to blacks in the South
TR's policy of military and naval preparedness
Anti-Union campaign during Red Scare
Scandal where railroad company got extra money from government for minimal work
Built powerful chain of newspapers in San Francisco
Garfield's assassin
Act under Lincoln that gave Midwest land to settlers who maintained it for 5 years
Gave civil rights to blacks, banned some Confederates from office
Supreme Court case that ruled 'separate but equal' constitutional
Stalwart Republican leader from NY
Gave Blacks the right to vote
Ideology of nationalizing industry, banks, and income taxes. A favorite of Midwest farmers
City tenement design
Wilson's appeal to the people about the League of Nations
Term given to Poles, Czechs, Italians, and other Southern and Eastern European Immigrants
Act that reduced immigrant quotas to 3%
Writer and photographer of 'How the Other Half Lives'
Sarcastic name given to post-Civil War era by Mark Twain
European leaseholds in China
Act forbidding trusts that restrained trade, used to curb labor unions
Ohio Senator and orchestrator of the Republican Party in 1896
Highest protective tariff in US peacetime history
Act prohibiting rebates and required railroads to publicly post rates
Head of the Committee of Public Information during WW1
Radical congressman from Pennsylvania during Civil War
Most powerful banker of the Gilded Age
Case stating that individual states can't regulate interstate commerce
Organization created by W.E.B. Dubois
McKinley's reasoning for Imperialism
Father of Labor and leader of the Federation of Labor
Owner of Standard Oil Company
Act that fined Railroads for giving rebates to shippers
Act that expanded the amount of illegal business practices of trusts
Amendment for direct election of senators
Ex. CA governor who financed Central Pacific rail
Case giving women protection in the workplace
Radical anti-black, anti-immigrant terrorist group
What was the name of the accepted plan for Reconstruction: 5 military districts, and strict rules
Leader of the Socialist Party
Leader of the woman suffrage movement (the main one)
Teddy Roosevelt's Secretary of State
Act that set up 12 banking districts each with a central bank
Scandal where naval oil reserves were sold to a private copmany
Corrupt Secretary of the Interior under Harding
Prohibition Amendment
Ran a 'yellow press'
Idea that the best fit, usually associated with Anglo-Saxons, would prosper and become rich
Prosecutor during Red Scare who 'saw red'
Inventor of Basketball (just cuz I like basketball)
Black poet during the Harlem Renaissance
Faction of Republicans who embraced swapping government jobs for votes
Philippine Nationalist and rebel leader
Non-corrupt Secretary of State for Harding
Acts put in place during WW1 limiting speech and Socialist/German propaganda
Wisconsin Progressive Republican leader
Cruel Spanish General sent to Cuba
State Laws in the South that supported segregation
Case that reversed the court's ruling in Muller v. Oregon

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