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These people whipped themselves as punishment for society's sins
Germanic law stating that no woman or her descendants could rule France
French hero in Hundred Years' War, woman dressed as man
First battle where Joan D'Arc fought
Weapons/innovations of Hundred Years' War
Term given to Popes, starting with Clement V, living in Avignon
Division of European powers when they sided with either Pope Clement (Avignon) or Pope Urban (Rome)
Writer 'Defensor Pacis'- State is unifying power, church is subordinate to state
To go against Church teachings
Name given to those who mumbled the Bible to spread the word
Council that ended the Great Schism, added some reform, and renewed efforts to wipe out heresy (1414-1418)
Papal Bull that supported rule by German aristocracy
Peasant rebellion in England after the plague, demands for higher wages (1381)
Written History of Bohemia
Racist English statute forbidding marriage of English and Irish
Writer of the Divine Comedy
Geoffrey Chaucer's most famous work
'Rebirth' movement resulting in increase in Art, Knowledge, and Expression
Wealthy Florentine Banking Family that dominated 14c. Florence into 15c.
Writer of 'The Prince'
Famously corrupt family that dominated the Papacy
Holy Roman Emperor who sacked Rome and waged many wars across Europe, one of the last great HREs
Wars between French and Royal families that were fought in Italy
'New Learning'-education focusing on history, humanities, and emphasized human achievement
More materialistic outlook, usury becomes acceptable due to this
Talented Italian Ren. Sculptor, the purple TMNT
'The Father of modern painting'-realism, narrative, light and dark used in works
Works include Last Judgment, Sistine Chapel, David, other great works
Great Ren. Inventor, Artist, classic Renaissance Man
English Intellectual and Humanist, wrote Utopia, stressed Reform, Ambassador or Henry VIII until his execution
Dutch Humanist, stressed reform of Catholic Church through many Satirical works
Expulsion of Moorish rule, unification of Spain under Catholic Monarchs
Inventor of first printing press
The buying of church offices, gripe against the church
Friar who started Protestant Reformation with his 95 Theses, created new doctrines based on scripture
Teachings based on 'scripture alone'
Letters sold by the Church that granted salvation
French Protestant, created religious theocracy in Switzerland, wrote Institutes of the Christian Religion
Act that made the English monarch the head of the Church of England
Skilled English Queen, often finding the 'middle way', especially in regard to the COE
Catholic response to the Protestant Reformation; reconversion of Protestants and new reforms
New Catholic order, praised for its modernity and its efforts against protestants. Had many recruits and converts in the New World
French recognition of Papacy in exchange of right to appoint its own bishops
Massacre of 1000s of French Protestants
Political moderates who wanted more religious toleration for the sake of political stability and success
Proclamation granting Huguenots liberty of conscience and public worship in France
Peace officially recognizing Lutheranism and Catholicism as acceptable Religions, German princes determine religion of their territory
Last major War of Religion in Europe, had 4 phases, caused lots of death and destruction
Peace that ended Europe's religious wars, recognized sovereignty of 300 German princes, limited papacy and HRE, acknowledged the Netherlands, acknowledged Lutheranism and Calivinis
1st European to sail to India
Inventions that affected exploration
Controversial Spanish Explorer who found the Indies
1st to circumvent the globe
Discovered Mexico and Conquered the Aztecs
Exchange of New and Old World Products and Diseases
Treaty that divided New World lands between Spain and Portugal
Beginnings of doubts towards religion and of establishment
Great English Playwright, Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, Othello
Trend of European Monarchy in from late 15c. to early 17c., increased power of monarchy
Greatest French Absolute Monarch, controlled nobility, went to many wars, had standing army, built Versailles
Administrator of Louis XIII and XIV who was very effective, establishing intendant system and bureaucracies
Nobility Rebellion that strongly influenced Louis XIV
Reason of State, all decisions made to support the state
Regulation of economy for the benefit of the state, collecting of revenues to keep all wealth within the state
Limitation of Government by Law
Idea that Right to rule is derived form God
Absolutist Monarch Family in England, included James I, Charles I
Parliament Bill proposing that all taxes must go through Parliament, signed and ignored by Charles I
Writer of the Leviathan
Military Dictatorship established by Cromwell
Took power after English Civil War, established military dictatorship that saw Irish rebellion and general dislike of his rule
Term given to replacement of James II with William and Mary with general lack of bloodshed
Laws against Absolutism, Monarch cannot suspend Parliamentary Law
Writer of 'Second Treatise on Government', right of life, liberty and property
Country that became economic power, great navy, states general, Religious toleration
Frederick Wilhelm 'Great Elector', Frederick I, Frederick Wilhelm II all came from this entity and made it a military power
Russian tsar who killed many of the boyar nobility to solidify his rule
Great Russian Tsar who waged many wars, built a city, and made westernized Russia, making it a European power
Created law of inertia, experimental method, supported heliocentric universe
Danish Astronomer who collected lots of data
Developed laws of motion and universal gravitation
Created Empiricism and scientific method
Created Cartesian Dualism and contributed to scientific method
The disease that caused mass death in Europe, brought about a shock to all Europeans

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