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Forced Order
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Herbert Spencer created this idea that led to racism and Imperialism
Name given to politicians who did what was best for the state, changing their views and directions to further the state
English military hero who effectively caused a British military invasion in Africa
The collective economic entity that created tariff free trade in all of the German states and Prussia
Representative house of government set up to appease the Russian people. Later ignored by the tsar
Most notable statesman of 19th c. Austrian conservative
Political school of thought present in the late 18th through the 19th century, embraced individual liberties and laissez-faire
Creator of evolution, published his works near the end of his life
Waterway to India through Egypt
Leader during German unification and afterwards, known for being a realpolitik and for using alliances to protect Germany
British Bill from the 1830s that expanded the voter base by 50%
Oath not to dissolve the National Assembly until a new Constitution had been achieved
Egyptian Khedive who tried to westernize Egypt
Austrian arch-duke who was assassinated, causing WWI
Inventor of the Water Frame
Napoleon's last defeat in Belgium, leading to his exile
Idea that men's place was to be the breadwinner, women stayed at home with the children
Economist of sorts who predicted that population grew exponentially with controls like disease and war
Nephew of the first one, and began revitalization of Paris under the Second Imperial rule in France
'citizen king' who accepted the throne after the French Revolution of 1830
Poem that described Europeans' duty to civilize other peoples
Acts passed by British Parliament banning Union Strikes
Political Ideology created by Friedrich Engels and Karl Marx, advocated for government led social reform
Name given to a riot over the Corn-Laws that resulted in Police Cavalry being called in
'The sick old man of Europe' that had previously held the Balkan territory, but was destroyed circa WWI
Name of Lenin's party in the Russian Revolution, meant majority
This man created the first antiseptic to clean surgery utensils
Pro-Jewish movement that sought ultimately to create an all Jewish nation
Japanese movement that restored imperial rule and revitalized Japan's modernization efforts
Writer of the Iron Law of Wages
Meeting of European powers to redesign Europe for the next 100 years in the hopes of creating lasting peace, yet many nationalist groups were ignored
French Realist writer and socialist, considered one of the greatest realist writers
Short, brutal war that Russia lost. The first time a non-western power had defeated a western country.
James Watt created this which altered travel forever
Name given to the process of using technology to increase output and advance society in both good ways and bad
Time of tyrannical, fear-inducing rule during Fr. Rev., all dissenters faced Guillotine
Movement in Britain to give voting rights and fair, population based representation in Parliament
Church land that was collected and then sold or given away as collateral during French Rev.
The year of multiple liberal revolutions throughout Europe, all of which failed, yet the ideas stayed intact
Inventor of the Spinning Jenny
Nephew of the first, became emperor of France around 1850
British Imperialist who used British Imperial Africa to amass great wealth
Congress that decided several issues surrounding European imperialism, ordered by Bismarck
The Realpolitik in the Italian Unification,, engineered the whole process and played with alliances
Napoleon's system devised to cut Britain off from trade within mainland Europe
Old, dysfunctional representative assembly in France
Trial that revealed racism and anti-Semitism in France, involved an army officer who supposedly revealed classified documents to Germany
Writer of Das Kapital and Communist Manifesto, created a political ideology that took hold and altered history over the next century
Group of loosely tied German Kingdoms set up after Congress of Vienna
Charismatic military leader who seized control of France in 1801, then proceeded to screw with Europe for a decade
Extreme French Revolutionary during the Reign of Terror, later executed

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