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persons quote
'I like that _____. I don't even f***** know you.'
'You boys like ______ right?' 'Yeah' 'f***** love that s***!'
'You a _____. That's what your mom said. Mom said you a _____.'
'Oh I'm just fixing the _____'
'Where do all these leaves come from?' 'What the hell do you think? F***** _____.'
'Guy comes in says he wants a _____ _____ that means he wants a tan and a blow job'
'You just brought a gun to a _____ _____'
'He's not my boyfriend. We're _____ _____.'
'Bull s***, that never happened.' 'Prom night' 'No you f***** _____ _____.'
'Cause we're going in with our _____ guns and the cops will shoot us in our face.'
persons quote
'I got a sniper. His name's _____.'
'Who slides a _____ like that!?'
'Alright class, I'll be back in a second, just... _____ _____.'
'Show him your _____.'
'I got us some movies. I got _____ _____, I got _____ _____ 2.'
'You had a _____ for dinner last night! You're a f****** man-child!'
'I got shot with a _____ today. A f***** _____ bro!'
Name of woman who gets the money from the vault
Bomb code
Final time they say the man can report his car stolen

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