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key figure in Pop art. famous for his works that looked like panels of comicshis last name is similar to a small European country
neo expressionist that died of a heroin overdose at 27 in 1988 most famous work is 'Untitled (Skull)'he had a weird hairdo
born in 1844. this artists most famous painting is titled 'The Dream' and features a jungle scene with elements of surrealismhe had a big bushy beard
famous graffiti artist who was famous for his recurring stick figures, alien ships, dogs, and temples among other things. died in 1990 from AIDShe started the saying 'Crack is Wack'
born in 1863. most famous work is 'The Scream'he had a killer mustache
when she was 18 she suffered from a crippling hip injury that lasted her whole life. she painted many self portraits over her careerfor some reason she painted herself with mustaches
famous for his splatter painting, this artist's work looks like it could be done by a 3 year oldhe was bald
this artist painted pictures of faces with the features often in the wrong placehe might have not seen very well
lived in poverty for most of his life, probably a pretty easy one to guesshe definitely had two ears...
probably the most famous artist currently alive, his most popular work is a shark inside a tank of formaldehyde. ickalso sold a skull covered in diamonds
also a key figure in the pop art movement, this artist is famous for his Campbells Soup Canshe ALSO had a weird hairdo
famous for his surrealist sculptures that look oddly human but not entirely. works with varying materialshe was british and he died in 1986
revolutionary still life artist that had a show in the Museum of Modern Art featuring close ups of flowers. She became more abstract towards the end of her career.died in 1989
represented Austrian Art Nouveau, this artist is most famous for 'The Kiss'. His works in general feature smaller patterns combining to form pictures of humans.was pretty much obsessed with drawing nude women...

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