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questionanswer# of words
'Why are you wearing that stupid bunny suit?'8
What is the most meaningful phrase in the English language according to Drew Barrymore?2
'Sometimes I doubt your commitment to __________!' This was said to Donnie's mom.2
According to Donnie, Jim Cunningham (Patrick Swayze) is the 'f***ing _________'?1
who burned down Jim Cunningham's house?2 or 1
Jim Cunningham's house is burned down and he is arrested for what?2 or 3
What is 1 of 3 main themes (besides time travel) that is prominent throughout Donnie Darko but not clearly mentioned1 or 2
what is the bunny's name? this one is easy1
what does Grandma Death whisper to Donnie7
questionanswer# of words
a minor role, this now famous stoner-comedy actor/comedian played one of the bullies2
What book was written by Grandma Death5
Donnie forces his school to close after he breaks a __________.2
Frank - 'Do you believe in _________?'2
what year does Donnie Darko take place1
Gretchen says' You're Weird' to Donnie. How does Donnie Respond?1
frank contacts Donnie because his _____ is collapsing1
theory that explains time travel with a portal, a tunnel (or portal), and a vessel2
theory explaining why Frank is actually a vessel for a being from another universe2

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