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Which title of Jesus means that He is the 'anointed one'?
How many books are there in the New Testament?
What does the name Jesus mean?
The _________sense is the sense of scripture that looks at the actual person, event, or thing described?
Where is Bethlehem located?
Which gospel was written first?
The _________ Testament took 70 years to compose.
Which region of the Holy Land was most often avoided by Jews?
Which gospel is written to prove Jesus as Messiah to a Jewish Christian audience?
What does the word 'gospel' mean?
what the term for gospel writer?
What is the long undergarment worn in Palestine?
Main language that Jesus spoke.
what means separated ones?
meal eaten at passover.
Jewish center of religious worship
The one gospel not included in the synoptics
Common language of the Roman empire
Meaning of 'Testament'
Central teaching that God's Son became man
North central region of the Holy land
'seen together' or through the same eye
comes from word 'assembly'
Gentile to Jewish converts
what words translates to messenger
What Jews read as a form of worship
Paul's letters
name that means 'God saves' or 'Yahweh is salvation'
Roman writer who wrote to Emperor Trajan
Literary form often used by Jesus

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