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Season and EpisodeNameHint
Season 1, Episode 1Alien controls Plastic Mannequins
Season 1, Episode 2Sun expands and destroys Earth
Season 1, Episode 3Charles Dickens
Season 1, Episode 4Aliens from Raxacoricofallapatorias
Season 1, Episode 5Slitheen attempt to destroy world
Season 1, Episode 6Rose touchs a Dalek
Season 1, Episode 7On a Space Station with Mighty Jagrafess
Season 1, Episode 8Rose saves her father
Season 1, Episode 9Captain Jack Harkness
Season 1, Episode 10Child with mask becomes human
Season 1, Episode 11Try to capture a surviving Slitheen
Season 1, Episode 12Jack, Rose and the Doctor end up in gameshows
Season 1, Episode 13Doctor changes from Christopher to David
Christmas SpecialDoctor looses and grows back a hand
Season 2, Episode 1Face of Boe in hospital
Season 2, Episode 2Were wolf
Season 2, Episode 3Sarah-Jane Smith
Season 2, Episode 4Magic doors from Space ship to France
Season 2, Episode 5Parallel World
Season 2, Episode 6Doctor and friends invade Cybermen factory
Season 2, Episode 7The Wire
Season 2, Episode 8Planet orbiting a black hole
Season 2, Episode 9The Doctor meats the Devil
Season 2, Episode 10Group of people look for doctor
Season 2, Episode 11Little Girls Drawings
Season 2, Episode 12Torchwood Introduction
Season 2, Episode 13Daleks vs Cyberman
Christmas SpecialIntroduction of Donna Noble
Season 3, Episode 1Introduction of Martha Jones
Season 3, Episode 2Witches and Schakespeare
Season and EpisodeNameHint
Season 3, Episode 3New Earth
Season 3, Episode 4Daleks experiment on humans
Season 3, Episode 5human-dalek
Season 3, Episode 6human turns into creature
Season 3, Episode 7certain ammount of time to save ship
Season 3, Episode 8Aliens hunt Doctor who is human
Season 3, Episode 9John Smith leads school to battle
Season 3, Episode 10Angels
Season 3, Episode 11End of the World
Season 3, Episode 12Jack, Martha and Doctor return to a changed world
Season 3, Episode 13The Master rules Earth and declares war on the galaxy
Christmas SpecialDoctor saves an Alien version of Titanic
Season 4, Episode 1Donna joins Doctor again
Season 4, Episode 2Pompeii- Volcano Day
Season 4, Episode 3Doctor and Donna visit the Ood
Season 4, Episode 4Sontar-Ha
Season 4, Episode 5Doctor saves world from Sontarans
Season 4, Episode 6TARDIS takes Donna, Doctor and Martha to a planet at war
Season 4, Episode 7Giant Wasp
Season 4, Episode 8A Library Planet with complete silence
Season 4, Episode 9'Run. For Gods sake. Run'
Season 4, Episode 10Diamond Planet *KNOCK, KNOCK*
Season 4, Episode 11A world without the Doctor
Season 4, Episode 12Earth Disappears
Season 4, Episode 13Bye-Bye Donna
Christmas SpecialDoctor meets the Doctor
Easter SpecialBus disappears to another planet
November Special1st People on Mars
Christmas SpecialHe will knock four times (stupid Wilfred!)

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