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Oh look I'm the 9th question. The 9th is my favorite.
I want to leave and I need to leave, so I stay.
If we were to ever get in a fight, look out for your throat
Given the existence of this quiz, I believe that the works of Puncher and Wattmann extend outside of time to a personal God quaquaqua
I am every psych major's wet dream.
I live in light but nobody can see me
I do not have doubts.
I'm coming broadway!
I was the flynnt that sparked controversy in my school
I'm not very bright.
Let's just say I created an Atomic Pile of lies.
I'm not great at swimming.
I'm not good with break ups.
I am not a doctor.
If I was to give an easy hint, then it would be too easy for you, but you won't be able to get this, so hopefully this helps.
I am an overly dependent white woman who needs more than one man.
I am an official Billy Collins fanboy
I Rose to new heights and then fell.
I think my car ran out of oil.
And so this quiz goes.

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