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Can you name the Linux utilities?

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finds searched ultility
shows MAC and IP addressses on the network
unzips zipped files with .bz2 extenstion
zips files to have the .bz2 extension
shows a calender
shows the contents of text files
changes current directory
changes the group a file is for
changes permissions
changes ownship of a file
clears the terminal screen
copies file and can rename a file keeping the original
shows the time and date
shows file system information and space used
shows disk usage
prints the argument on screen
logs out of terminal
shows the file type
shows free and used memory (RAM)
checks the disk for errors
searches for pattern
adds group
deletes group
modifies group
unzips zipped files with a .gz extension
zips files to have the .gz extension
shows the first 10 lines of a file
shows the history of the terminal
shows the system name
shows the uid, gid, and group the user is in
shows information about the utility
used to view the output of a command page by page
creates a hard link
looks for a file
prints out a file from a printer
lists files and directories
shows information on the ultility
creates a directory
mounts a filesystem
moves or renames a file or directory
changes user password
tests a connection
shows processes running
shows the current directory
removes a file
removes a directory
shows current run level
sorts a text file
logs in as a user or root
used to run the command as root
shows the last 10 lines of a file
creates an empty file
shows and changes the default permissions that are applied when creating a new file or directory
adds a user account
deletes a user account
modifies a user account
shows who is logged in and what they are doing
shows who is logged in
shows the user you are logged in as
creates and edits text files
Fedora package manager
Debian package manager

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