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This stone can be used as an antidote to most poisons.
This potion forces the drinker to tell the truth.
What potion is described to 'look like mud' and requires a 'piece of the subject' in order to work?
Syrup of ________ is an essential ingredient in the Draught of Peace
Wormwood is an essential ingredient in the Draught of ________________.
When creating a Shrinking Solution, it is important to evenly chop the roots of this common garden flower.
The antidote of a Swelling Solution is a _____________.
What potion causes the drinker to steam at the ears for several hours?
The steam coming off of a cauldron of Amortentia forms characteristic ________.
It is important to pick fluxweed when?
What color is 'Euphoria'?
Sneezewort, Scurvy-Grass, and Lovage are ingredients combined to make what potion?
What is another name for Monkshood?
The Draught of Living Death contains powdered root of ________.
Which potion takes a 'full month cycle to mature'?
In excess, what potion can cause recklessness and overconfidence?
Pickled ________ tentacles can be used to ease pain.
How long must lacewing flies stew in order to make a proper Polyjuice Potion?
Pufferfish is a common ingredient in a A) Swelling Solution B) Deflating Draught C) Draught of Living Death
Doxycide is a potion used to rid what small creatures?
How many known uses are there for Dragon's Blood?
Who thought (incorrectly) that the time 'was ripe' for a cheese cauldron?
This plant is known to have healing powers, demonstrated to regrow flesh.
This mildly amusing potion causes the drinker to hiccup uncontrollably.
This creature-derived substance can be used to prolong life, even when one is at the brink of death, but at a cost.
If you were a werewolf, what potion would you drink monthly?
A standard cauldron is made of what metal?
This potion is made from a Sorcerer's (Philosopher's) Stone
What potion (manufactured by Weasley's Wizard Wheezes) intensifies over time?
These giant spiders contain a plethora of ingredients.
Just a sprig of peppermint livens up what concoction?
Crushed Scarab Beetles are used in a potion to sharpen ______.
The 'Most Extraordinary Society of Potioneers' was founded by?
A mandrake draught would be very helpful in the curing of __________.
Who invented the Wolfsbane Potion?
Bone of his ______, Blood of his ______, and Flesh of his _________, are the necessary ingredients for the potion to rebuild Voldemort's body.
The extremely painful process of regrowing bones is made possible by what potion?
This famous wizard wanted to sell his own line of hair-care potions.
Shredded skin of what creature is needed in Polyjuice Potion?
How long must Felix Felicis stew?
What potion smells differently to each person?
The most powerful love potion is know to have what coloring?
The potion in the basin forces people to relive painful _________.
Is there an antidote to Veritaserum?
The Chinese Chomping ________ is an important ingredient in many potions.
These roots are used in the Draught of Living Death
Unicorn hairs, a popular potion ingredient, sell for how many galleons?
This potion's effect is proportional to the amount you drink, but no amount will let you cross the line...
Sleekeazy's is a popular brand of potion used for what part of the body?
What color is a sleeping potion?

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