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When was the chariot brought to Greece?
What were foot-soldiers called?
What was a body of foot-soldiers called?
How do we know of their weapons and armour? (Give one)
How was the soldier's body protected?
What was the main weapon of the infantry?
What was the period of complusory military service in Athens? (e.g. between 1 and 2)
What was the name of the light crescent-shaped shield?Used by javelin throwers
What were was the name of the Spartiates? ('Equals')
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For how many years was military training for boys in Sparta before taking charge of younger boys?
Where did a Spartan soldier dine and sleep?
Where did a similar military system as Sparta operate?in the Classical period
What was the name of the homosexual group of soldiers in Thebes?
Who invented the sarissa?
How long was the sarissa?
In which battle did Seleukos I use elephants with great effect?
Who is lunging towards the other on the Attic vase showing two soldiers?

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