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What country is 'Jacobs Creek' wine fromFood and Drink
What is a 'Squab'Food and Drink
'Penne' 'Fusilli' and 'Conchiglie' are all types of whatFood and Drink
Which company makes scottish soft drink favourite 'Irn-Bru'Food and Drink
People who are 'Lactose Intolerant' have an intolerance to what food groupFood And Drink
The largest country in Africa (by area) isGeography
'Angel Falls' the tallest waterfall in the world is on which continentGeography
'Honshu' 'Hokkaido' 'Kyushu' and 'Shikoku' are islands of which countryGeography
'Mount Narodnaya' is the tallest mountain in which mountain rangeGeography
'The Bay of Bengal' is joined to which oceanGeography
Which film trilogy had Courtney Cox playing ruthless tv reporter Gale WeathersFilm and TV
Which spanish holiday resort is the subject of an ITV sit-com of the same nameFilm and TV
Sean Connery played the voice of a dragon alongside Dennis Quaid in which 1996 filmFilm and TV
What was the name of John Travoltas' crew in 'Grease'Film and TV
Who was the first winner of 'Pop Idol' in the UKFilm and TV
Which golfer(s) have won the U.S. Open the most timesSport
Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson part-owned which 2,000 Guineas winning horseSport
1991 Mens Wimbledon champion Michael Stich is of which nationalitySport
Ruud Gullit made his managerial debut with which clubSport
Which sport is primarily played at 'The Gabba'Sport
'Au' is the chemical symbol of which elementScience and Nature
Which species of snake is the longest in the worldScience and Nature
What are the two letters of the human chromosomeScience and Nature
What is the most dangerous animal in human history (most deaths)Science and Nature
'Common' 'Spinner' and 'Dusky' are all species of whatScience and Nature

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