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'K' is the chemical symbol of which elementScience and Nature
The Duck-Billed Platypus is native to which countryScience and Nature
How many stomachs does a Cow haveScience and Nature
The largest producer of Carbon Dioxide on earth is what (by far)Science and Nature
What is the fastest snake on earthScience and Nature
Which berries are the primary ingredient of GinFood and Drink
Which country does chocolate manufacturer Nestle originate fromFood and Drink
How many varieties does Heinz say it hasFood and Drink
Can you name Jamie Oliver's 'number' restaurantFood and Drink
Name one of the two fruits with seeds on the outsideFood and Drink
Who directed 'The Great Escape'Film and TV
What learning difficulty did Dustin Hoffman's character have in 'Rain Man'Film and TV
What area is australian soap 'Neighbours' setFilm and TV
What supermarket did Norman 'Curly' Watts work at in the soap Coronation StreetFilm and TV
What year was 'Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark' releasedFilm And TV
What Blue Square Premier team does John Dempster play forSport
What colour jersey does the Number 1 greyhound wear in UK greyhound racingSport
How many pots are required for a total clearance in snookerSport
What year did Badminton become an Olympic SportSport
Who holds the record for most NASCAR race wins with 200Sport
The Sargasso Sea is part of which oceanGeography
How many countries are recognised by the UNGeography
What volcano has been continuously erupting for the longestGeography
By population, what is the largest city in AfricaGeography
The Kizilirmak (Red River) or Halys River is the longest river in which countryGeography

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