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QUIZ: Can you name the facts about The United kingdom?

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Official Name
Flag Colour
Flag Colour
Flag Colour
Prime Minister
Chancellor of the Exchequer
Home Secretary
Country of the UK
Country of the UK
Country of the UK
Country of the UK
Capital City
National Anthem
National Anthem
National Anthem
Smaller denominator Currency
Bordering Country
Largest County
Smallest County
Longest reigning monarch
Highest Point (13,44m)
Most Southerly Point
Primary Continent
Major Political Party
Major Political Party
Major Political Party
Longest River
Largest Lake
Largest National Park
Largest Religion
Second Largest City
Primary Language
Drives on The...
National Sport
Top League Name
Tallest Building
Nationality (Demonym)
Age of a Vote in a General Election
Bordering Ocean
Bordering Sea
Bordering Sea
Queens Primary Residence
Oldest University
Oldest Golf Course
National Dog
Date of Guy Fawkes Night
Most Number One Singles (19 including rerelease in 2002)
Companies in the UK web addresses end in .what
Bordering Sea

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