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What is the name of the place where Coraline's family moves to?it starts with a 'p'
What 3 wonders is the other mother talking about in the hint?the first one is beautiful and it looks like Coraline
what kind of car does the Jones' family have?the first word starts with a 'v'.
what does Coraline want from the uniform store?they look comfortable
what are April and Miriam's stage names?the first one rhymes with 'ink'
what three colors do the buttons turn when the other mother is asking Coraline what color buttons she wants?very odd colors
what is the name of the Dog that is feeling sick?he is a fluffy one
what color balloon is the first one that you see at Coraline's Partyit changes scenes from the moon
what is on the key to the little door?its as scary as the other mother's eyes
what color is mr Bobinsky?oompah oompah!! toodle toot toot!!

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Tags:character, coraline, evil

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