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Can you name the characters who attended and taught at Degrassi Junior High?

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Actor's NameCharacter's Name
Pat Mastroianni
Stefan Brogran
Stacie Mistysyn
Siluck Saysanasy
Duncan Waugh
Neil Hope
Dan Woods
Angela Deiseach
Maureen Deiseach
Anais Granofsky
Sara Ballingall
Irene Courakos
Amanda Stepto
Maureen McKay
Dayo Ade
Billy Parrott
Amanda Cook
Keith White
John Ioannou
Rebecca Haines
Cathy Keenan
Michael Carry
Actor's NameCharacter's Name
Andy Chambers
Nicole Stoffman
Kyra Levy
Deborah Lobban
Christopher Charlesworth
Arlene Lott
Jacy Hunter
Sara Holmes
Sarah Charlesworth
Roger Montgomery
Michelle Goodeve
Chrissa Erodotou
Annabelle Waugh
Steve Bedernjak
Kristen Bourne
Darrin Brown
Danah-Jean Brown
Trevor Cummings
Niki Kemeny
Craig Driscoll
Michael Blake
Sabrina Dias

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