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QUIZ: Can you name the upper extremity muscles

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deltoid tuberosity
coracoid process of scapula
glenoid tubercle of scapula
lateral 1/3 of clavicle, acromion process and the spine of the scapula
lateral clavicle, acromion process and spine of scapula
greater tubercle of the humerus
ribs 1-9
Distal 1/2 of the anterior shaft of the humerus
supraspinous fossa of scapula
bicipital groove of humerus
posterior shaft of the humerus
infraglenoid tubercle of the scapula
Spinous process of T7-L5, Posterior Sacrum and the posterior iliac crest
medial clavicle, sternum, and the coastal cartilages of ribs 1-7
anterior surface of the medial bordder of scapula
olecranon process of ulna
external occiptal protuberance, nuchal ligament, spinous processes of C7-T12
ulnar tuberosity and coronoid process of ulna
Medial lip of humerus
radial tuberosity
coracoid process of the scapula
ribs 3-5

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