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No nos means yes.
Well, um, essentially, uh
In the new building... (didn't show up)
Well, heuristically speaking,
::throws pen::
I'm gonna taze ya! *
You want hot sauce? *
You vill vhat? Fail. You vill vhat? Cry
I can take apart an AK-47 in eleven seconds.
Did you guys find your balls yet?
EhhhUhhhhAhhhhh Well... (flushes red)
Uh um uh, Ohio state football
d d yyyyyyy d d xxxxxxxxx
Smitha, what's wrong with your face?
Hey little kitty, might I push you on the swing?
Who printed this?*
'M' is for Mother
Schiller, pay attention, man.
I will be here at 11 o'clock
Take your Knoppix CD
Solution Student Manual for Students
There are three flavors of C's and F's
You guys remember this? No? Figures.
Back when I was working at British Petroleum...
It's a molecular dance party!

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