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Who sells boxes?
On a scale of 1 to _____ _____ __ before he quit, how drunk are you?
Hey hey, what do we say?
What was Evan called in high school?
What is the most the most beautiful of all fruit?
What is Eric's favourite type of bear?
Who was the last person Evan tweeted? (You need the Twitter handle.)
What does Cooper think the last book of the bible is?
What Kitchener-based hockey team pulled us out of the red and into the black?
Brock _____
I mean, I don't know how Jackson could've missed her _____.
When were Mark and George in Eric's life?
No one is Cooperer than ____.
You just got ____ up!
I like it; I just don't want to watch it again.
The king of omelettes
It's a good or a service; it doesn't matter.
Who lives in Room 1?
Where is the best place to end the night?
Doctor Bee - what's that?
How many things to do in CP?
What's on at 12:30?
Let me remind you, real ___ is nothing else than the sum of consumption plus...
This video parody should have won an Oscar!
What is Connor's favourite restaurant that he's never been to?
Where is Eric's other full-time job?
Connor's wine glass has finite surface area and infinite ______.
Justin Faulk sometimes...
Cooper's Watcard balance is approximately...
Who's not gonna let 40,000km in distance stop her from loving her boyfriend?
What does Siri call Cooper?
Evan made the call. What name is the food under?
What was the West 1 Ballers post-season record?
What is the most prestigious annual party?
Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm
What social media does Dakota have?
Five minutes until the bus comes. That's enough time for a ____?
Who is the poorest prof at UW? Basically homeless.
What small Ontario town produces elite NHL prospects?
Don't like it? You haven't listened to it enough.
'We need to have a meeting. Do you guys know what a ____ _____ is?'
Most underrated NHLer?
19 Columbia Reach: Connor vs. Haley vs. ____?
What ____ do you have? What ____ do you have? What ____ do you have? What ____ vegetables do you have?
Ambulance takes you there. How do you get back?
Winter attire
My two favourite things are in that box.
What's your favourite late night treat (to get in the V1 Caf)?
Great shot, David. That's why they call you the _____.
If they weren't bus drivers, what would the GRT drivers do instead?

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