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Forced Order
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Who is missing from this episode?The Seinfeld Chronicles
George's alias.The Stakeout
Who left Jerry's door open leading to the robbery?The Robbery
Basketball team Jerry took his childhood friend to instead of George.Male Unbonding
What is Elaine allergic to?The Stock Tip
George accidentally left these at his ex's apartment.The Ex Girlfriend
What event was the same day as the funeral?The Pony Remark
Song George can't get out of his head.The Jacket
What euphemism for sex did George not catch?The Phone Message
What did George wear to see the effect it has on women?The Apartment
Kramer pretended to be this in order to steal the statue back.The Statue
What did Jerry called George after he suggested poisoning his boss' drink?The Revenge
The ambulence drivers fight over this candy.The Heart Attack
Jerry's gift for Elaine's birthday.The Deal
What crime was Jerry paranoid about?The Baby Shower
Movie Jerry were planning on seeing with George and Elaine.The Chinese Restaurant
Visiting Antonio, what did George do to anger him?The Busboy
Kramer saw this baseball legend eating at Dinky's Donuts.The Note
Kramer walked onto Elaine naked, thinking it was this room.The Truth
Famous movie quote a 'relaxed' Elaine repeatedly quoted.The Pen
The dog's name.The Dog
Controversial book Jerry never returned.The Library
The disease Jerry supposedly had.The Parking Garage
The first IQ result Elaine got from George's test.The Cafe
George calls this city about the baldness cure.The Tape
Who bluntly told George's girlfriend she needs a nose job?The Nose Job
George accused a cashier of shortchanging this much money.The Stranded
Kramer's only line in the film.The Alternate Side
The drink Jerry accidentally gave to Elaine's recovering alcoholic boyfriendThe Red Dot
Jerry's destination.The Subway
Kramer creates a cologne that smells like this?The Pez Dispenser
Kramer wants this back from the comatose neighbor.The Suicide
Elaine covers up George's baldness with this not so much better term?The Fix Up
George's fake company makes this type of product.The Boyfriend
George claims to be this person.The Limo
Kramer has a seizure everytime he hears this tv host's voice.The Good Samaritan
Elaine refuses to remove her hat at a Yankee dugout because it's this opposing team.The Letter
Kramer's friend Mike tries to convince Jerry being a phony is a positive thing using this athlete.The Parking Space
Elaine wrote a script for this tv show.The Keys
George ran into this 'LA Law' star backstage at The Tonight Show.The Trip
George's fake off broadway show's main character.The Pitch
A brain damaged Kramer repeats this cellist's name.The Ticket
George compares himself to this Cheers star.The Wallet
Name of the unusual man Elaine starts to date?The Watch
The misprint that caused tension between George and the Bubble Boy?The Bubble Boy
The dirty line that Jerry crosses the line with?The Cheever Letters
Who's afraid of clowns?The Opera
The drink that Jerry and Elain kept offering the virgin?The Virgin
Elaine's famous classmate in fitness class.The Contest
Elaine's luggage ends up in this state.The Airport
Kramer confronts this fashion mogul about his beach cologne.The Pick
The steamy movie George wants to see?The Movie
Kramer is kicked out of fantasy baseball camp for punching this baseball legend.The Visa
George made the mistake of staring at what?The Shoes
College the reporter writes for.The Outing
Elaine's old lady had a love affair with this peacemaker.The Old Man
George is accused by his girlfriend's brother for doing this.The Implant
Jerry guesses this rhymes-with-a-female-body-part causes her to storm out.The Junior Mint
George runs into Susan, noticing what kind of change?The Smelly Car
The gang goes to buy a gift for this friendThe Hanicap Spot
In an attempt to impress Elaine, Russell joins this organizationThe Pilot
Who faked orgasms with Jerry?The Mango
Jerry was afraid that wearing the shirt would make him look like this.The Puffy Shirt
George wore this in place of his missing glasses.The Glasses
Elaine got into a fight with her boyfriend over not using this punctuation mark.The Sniffing Accountant
Kramer searches the hospital for this deformed creature.The Bris
Laura misreads this word for 'sleep'.The Lip Reader
Elaine suggests this idea to Lloyd Braun to make New York friendlier.The Non-Fat Yogurt
According to George, Jerry's new haircut makes him look like this.The Barber
Elaine's boyfriend Joel's first choice for his name change?The Masseuse
Elaine borrowed this magazine from Frank as a reading material.The Cigar Store Indian
Religion George converses to?The Conversion
Term Jerry coined for Elaine's boyfriend.The Stall
Kramer and George are double parked by this political figure.The Dinner Party
Jerry's name for this favorite yellow shirt?The Marine Biologist
Name of Jerry's girlfriend's father.The Pie
Soap Opera Kramer and Mickey stand in for?The Stand-In
George is caught by Elaine's potential boyfriend doing this at the gym.The Wife
Elaine's boyfriend is this, someone who stands unusually close while speaking.The Raincoats
Kramer's idea for a coffee table book.The Fire
George is walked in naked while suffering this temporary condition.The Hamptons
Elaine stops for this candy while her boyfriend's in an accident.The Opposite
State of the Miss America contestant Jerry dates.The Chaperone
Why was George upset about the big salad?The Big Salad
Mr. Pitt eats this snack with a fork and knife.The Pledge Drive
Who is the man in the cape?The Chinese Woman
Movie George tries to rent for his book club?The Couch
Sweet treat George got caught eating out of the trash.The Gymnast
Word George tries to make it sound positive.The Soup
George brought a LeBaron because it used to belong to this actor.The Mom & Pop Store
Elaine is tricked into buying a dress with what?The Secretary
Jerry dates a girl whose name belongs to this superhero's love.The Race
Kramer's first nameThe Switch
Kramer and Newman become addicted to this worldly board game.The Label Maker
Newman's outlaw nickname?The Scofflaw
TV show Jerry refuses to admit he loves.The Beard
Who's the only person George kiss hello?The Kiss Hello
Frank offers this cereal to George while sharing the bed.The Doorman
Type of magazines found his Whatley's waiting room?The Jimmy
Cause of fleas in Jerry's apartment?The Doodle
Kramer's license plate?The Fusilli Jerry
George claims his boss looks like this legendary boxer.The Diplomat's Club
Team Puddy paints his face for?The Face Painter
The movie adapted into a play starring Bette Midler?The Understudy
George broke up with a woman not because she beat him in chess, but because of her favorite expression?The Engagement
Kramer snuck in this beverage in which he ends up spilling it all over him.The Postponement
Jerry is convinced that the Maestro is trying to stop him from getting a house in this region of Italy.The Maestro
What causes George's uncontrollable winking?The Wink
Jean Paul blames this alarm clock's piece from making him oversleep the Olympics.The Hot Tub
Kramer is robbed of this piece of furniture by homosexual thugs.The Soup Nazi
What was George's secret code?The Secret Code
There's Realationship George, and then there's...?The Pool Guy
Jerry's fake jean sizeThe Sponge
Movie theater Kramer is reopening.The Gum
Insult Jerry used as he robbed the old lady?The Rye
Gift Elaine got for Sue Ellen out of spite.The Caddy
Jerry's girlfriend did this everyday, puzzling him.The Seven
George is fixed up with this actressThe Cadillac
Elaine discovers that the reason she failed her drug tests is due to this.The Shower Head
Jerry bought a bottle of hot sauce because the face on it looked like who?The Doll
Thinking he's dead, Kramer's body is dumped where?The Friar's Club
Drink Jerry shares with Ethan.The Wig Master
In a deal with George, what does he require three times a week?The Calzone
What holiday proves to be helpful for Kramer and Newman's scheme?The Bottle Deposit
Kramer tries something new to wear, which proves to be too tight for him.The Wait Out
Kramer thinks Susan's name is really this.The Invitations
Peterman breaks down and runs off this to country.The Foundation
Kramer buys this gift to win over Pam.The Soul Mate
Name for Jillian's large fists.The Bizarro Jerry
Movie Jerry is forced at gunpoint to record.The Little Kicks
In Elaine's medicial records, she is marked as this.The Package
Kenny Bania's reaction to 'Roundtine'?The Fatigues
Elaine's song?The Checks
Restaurant that opens across from Jerry and Kramer.The Chicken Roaster
Jerry gets bumped at career day by what animal?The Abstinence
Reason why the blind date broke up with Elaine.The Andrea Doria
Picture on Jerry's bounced check.The Little Jerry
Why couldn't Kramer stand sleeping with his girlfriend?The Money
George's idea of a comeback.The Comeback
Gang sign of the Van Buren Boys?The Van Buren Boys
Elaine would rather be called Susie than this.The Susie
Jerry accidentally drops this in his girlfriend's toilet.The Pothole
Movie Elaine would much rather watch than The English Patient.The English Patient
Steinbrenner looks for George, asking for the lyrics to this Pat Benatar song.The Nap
Elaine's best part of her yada yada'd story, according to her?The Yada Yada
Newman's name for his millennium party?The Millennium
Name of Lippman's muffin store?The Muffin Tops
Sport George has taken up?The Summer of George
Nickname Elaine coined for fellow passeenger.The Butter Shave
Coporation Kramer 'found'.The Voice
After giving up 'serenity now', he chose to say this instead.The Serenity Now
After donating blood to Jerry, what are they now?The Blood
Elaine had realized that she is dating what couch store mascot?The Junk Mail
Jerry drugs his girlfriend so he can play with these action figures.The Merv Griffin Show
George is afraid of confronting Kruger because of what incident?The Slicer
Name of the man who wants Kramer to drop dead.The Betrayal
There's good naked, and then there's...?The Apology
Holiday Frank made up.The Strike
Jerry can't stand Puddy constantly doing this.The Dealership
The name that Kramer thinks sound made up.The Reverse Peephole
Elaine accidentally lifts a joke from this cartoon.The Cartoon
Name of the parrot?The Strongbox
George claims that he has a place in this village.The Wizard
Kramer's dramatic interpretation of this disease.The Burning
Kramer and Newman decide to start what type of transportation service?The Bookstore
George's high score on The Frogger?The Frogger
Nickname George tries to claim for himself.The Maid
Jerry's name for fellow driver/nemesis of the day?The Puerto Rican Day
According to Jerry, what type of phone call is the king of calls?The Finale

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