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Can you name the it's always sunny episodes from its alternate titles?

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Alternate Episode TitleActual Episode Title
Frank Pimps Out Dennis
Mac Gets Groped
The Gang Goes to Prom
Paddy's Dance Marathon
The Gang Makes Money off God
Charlie Trades Places with Sweet Dee
Charlie's Birthday Luau
Dee Reynolds: Cat Lady
Frank Dies Hard
Mac Shows Them Jabronis
Mac Loves Chase Utley
Frank Bangs His Niece
The Lawyer's Revenge
Dennis, Mac, Charlie: The A Team
Charlie Writes a Musicial
Lethal Weapon 5
Dennis Reynolds: Philadelphia's Ty Pennington
The Gang Gets Ready for Fatherhood at the Last Possible Second
Charlie and Frank: Dumpster Divers
The Gang Gets Historical
The Gang Becomes Dirty Scummy Politicians
Dennis Shoots Charlie in the Head
Alternate Episode TitleActual Episode Title
Dee Reynolds: America's Surrogate
Charlie Fights the System
Charlie Goes Online Dating
Charlie Gets Replaced
The Gang Forms a Band
Dennis and Dee: Psycho Killers
Charlie and Mac Get Hard
Dennis Bangs a Dude
Dennis Bangs the Waitress
Paddy's Pub Goes Corporate
The Gang Leaves Philly
Dennis' Marriage Mistake
The Gang Goes to the Grand Canyon
Charlie Tailgates with the McPoyles
Charlie Gets a Girlfriend
The Gang Beats the Heat Wave
Mac's Project Badass
Dee Reynolds: More Famous than Paris Hilton
The Gang Becomes Terrorists
Charlie and Frank Get Married
Franks Tries and Fails Killing Himself
Mac's Mom and Charlie's Mom Becomes Roommates
Sweet Dee's Big Movie Break
Alternate Episode TitleActual Episode Title
Sweet Dee's Dating a Cripple
Dennis Reynolds: Poster Boy for Paddy's Pub
Mac and Dennis: Pro-life
Frank and Dennis Reynolds: Sex Fiends
Dennis and Dee Reynolds: Crackheads
Mac and Dennis Goes Wild
Dennis and Dee's Grandfather Might Be a Nazi
Charlie Kelly: Underground Fighter
Charlie Kelly: Evil Revenge Banging Mastermind
Dee and the Waitress Goes Clubbing
Charlie & Dee: Cannibals
Frank and Mac Run a Sweatshop
The M.A.C. System
The Gang Makes a Bad Investory
Frank Celebrates His Ex-wife's Death
Frank Meets the Gang
The Gang Browns Out
Charlie Fights Alcoholism
The Gang Kidnaps a Man
Luther Comes Home
The Gang Gets Healthy

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