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Clint Eastwood is a San Francisco cop who says 'Make my day' to his dinner companion; she replies memorably, prompting a nearby patron to comment, 'I'll have what she's having.'
Method Man and Snoop Dogg star as passengers on a black-owned airline, and hilarity ensues...until Samuel Jackson discovers the hundreds of angry reptiles on board.
'You can't handle the truth!' shouts Jack Nicholson to Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau, as old codger Burgess Meredith cracks wise.
Uncle Remus narrates, as Br'er Rabbit and his pals dance along to Led Zeppelin concert footage.
Dorian Gray, the Invisible Man, and Allan Quartermain (among others) learn that 'There's no crying in baseball!'
Donnie Wahlburg and John Belushi lead an all-star cast in this World War II miniseries; they parachute into France while wearing dark glasses and getting into an epic car chase.
Vanessa Hudgins and Zack Efron star as teens at a unique school run by a former guitarist played by Jack Black; they randomly break into song & dance, or else they play AC/DC.
Buzz, of the Sharks, and Woody, of the Jets, fight for supremacy in Andy's toybox while performing choreographed routines.
Seth Rogen stars in this movie based on an Agatha Christie classic about a drug dealer getting caught up in intrigue along the rails.
Jason Segal must get over his ex-girlfriend, who's been stolen away by British rock star Russell Brand; he must also re-form the college football team that died in a plane crash.

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