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Will Ferrell stars as a man who hears a narrative voice in his head saying 'Zed's dead' and discussing the merits of mayonnaise on French fries. Samuel L. Jackson co-stars.
Adam Sandler stars as a penguin who gives up a dancing life on the ice to become a pro golfer.
Nicholas Cage must steal 50 cars in one night to gain the love of Scarlet O'Hara.
A gunman, a hit man, and an outlaw take a ragtag bunch of baseball players under their wing. Stars Walter Matthau and Clint Eastwood.
Howard Stern's rise to fame is interrupted by his quest to find a WWII soldier behind enemy lines. Tom Hanks co-stars.
A wacky bunch of Vermont state troopers eat nothing but McDonald's food for thirty days in this documentary.
An aged Sylvester Stallone comes back for one more fight, stopping along the way to dance the Time Warp.
Sarah Jessica Parker stars as an uptight businesswoman trying to fit in to her boyfriend's eccentric family, while also acquiring a valuable jewel in Cartagena, Colombia.
Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan bob their heads rhythmically to the dance music...and by the way, they're actually flesh-eating zombies.
Rebecca DeMornay plays a nanny hell-bent on destroying a family...and also on consuming 50 hard-boiled eggs with Paul Newman.

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