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The mortal son of Zeus embarks on a perilous journey to stop the underworld's evil, by uniting black and white football players.
Tom Cruise plays J. Pierpont Finch, who joins the Worldwide Wicket Company, then sings 'Old Time Rock and Roll' in his undies.
Billy Bob Thornton and Halle Berry join Sully and Mike to examine the meaning of racism, then go to children's closets to elicit their screams.
Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman embark on a road trip, trying to do as many things as possible before they die; one of these things is to save 1100 Jews from execution.
A pair of stoners embark on a trip to reach their favorite hamburger restaurant; hilarity ensues until they are forced to seek shelter from a septet of small miners.
'My name is Inigo killed my father...prepare to die!' is repeated again and again, by a prince who has been turned into an amphibian; Tiana's kiss can save him.
'You wanna put Baby in a corner? Well, do ya, punk?' Clint Eastwood stars as a cop seeking justice, who teaches dance with Patrick Swayze.
Kyle, Stan, and Cartman are whisked from their Colorado hometown to an amazing island on which cloned dinosaurs run amok; Jeff Goldblum co-stars.
Young Ralphy wishes for a Red Ryder b.b. gun, which he plans to use as a member of the Jets, as he fights the Sharks while singing and dancing through the streets of New York.
Julia Roberts stars as Diana Prince, a prostitute who is taken off the streets by Richard Gere, so she can enjoy a high-society life and riding around in her invisible jet.

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