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In the Old West town of Rock Ridge, the new sheriff rides into town to show that he's the fastest ping-pong player in the West.
Rick Moranis is a nutty professor who must apologize to his wife after he machine-washes her sneakers.
Sylvester Stallone is a fighter; however, his huge ego is his most notable weakness.
Kevin Costner befriends Indians and lupine beasts, but he's really dumb and has to sit in a corner with a conical hat.
Leslie Nielsen must save the queen; strangley, he also encounters Attila, without any clothes.
This Dr. Seuss-inspired film about a fun-loving feline goes terribly wrong, as the titular critter ends up being cooked in a very large pot.
An animated bunny from Toon Town asks pal Eddie to 'p-p-p-please!' figure out who keeps writing angry and insulting comments about him on an Internet forum.
The Joads move westward during the Depression; however, their dreams are crushed by a set of angry curtains.
Poor Nigel Teufnel--he's got a rare condition in which his backbone fluid is replaced by a sticky black substance.
Steve Martin, Bonnie Hunt, and their twelve kids decide to move near where the construction equipment is kept, since the real estate prices are lower there.

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