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John Travolta is Tony Manero, who struts his stuff to 'Stayin' Alive'; this is ironic because he is unded and has risen from the grave to feed on the flesh of the living.
Dave Foley voices Flik in this black-and-white Pixar tale. He hears that 'every time a bell rings,' an insect gets its wings. Jimmy Stewart yells 'Merry Christmas' and dodges ants.
This 'Spike Lee joint' explores racial relations, as Wesley Snipes plays Mowgli, who tries to find out if his 'Bare Necessities' can be met with an interracial affair.
Kevin Spacey plays a depressed suburban father who develops feelings for his daughter's friend, often fantasizing about her covered in roses as he's the prince who kisses her.
Harvey Keitel and Steve Buscemi star in this Quentin Tarantino kids' film. Their characters, Mr. White and Mr. Pink, take in stray canines at a vacant inn.
Javier Bardem pursues Tommy Lee Jones in a bloody struggle for $2 mil in drug money; no resolution is found until Jones has to shoot his pooch, 'the best doggone dog in the west.'
Jason Biggs plays Jim, who joins pal Stifler in a quest to find females; soon Jim's journey finds him on board a lifeboat with a tiger named Richard Parker, fighting for survival.
This Dreamworks adaptation of a Stieg Larsson work features Daniel Craig as a Viking boy who investigates a missing person by taming a large reptilian flying beast.
Hayden Christensen plays Annakin, who after fighting in the Clone Wars, turns toward the Dark Side along with Louis and Gilbert, his fellow pocket-protector-wearing geeks.
Akira Kurosawa directs this black-and-white masterpiece in which a village under attack by bandits enlists Sleepy, Dopey, Doc, and the others to defend them.

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