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The Rugby Lads are in the fourth Row

I am right below the best don in OC

The girl below me is on the dance team

My other dance team member is diagonal to me

Everyone in my column except me is on the first floor

Best blunt roller in H-house

I am next door to two rugby lads

To my left is Tyler's twin

The two Brits are in the bottom two corners

The KD connoisseur is to my right


Me and my roommate have both been with the girl diagonal to me

I am beside my current girlfriend, who is beside my ex

I am known for my shitbox red car

Everyone/thing in the last column is on the third floor

All of my male neighbors are in this column

I am H-houses resident guido

Almost everyone knows my boyfriend from F house

My roommates are above and below me

My boyfriend is right below me

My other roommate is below Shannon


My inhabitants are in my row

You can always find me with a viceroy

My rowing mate is to my left

The two above me are my roomates

In a top corner you will find the source of the dank smell

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