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Findings of Studies
Any form of behaviour directed toward the goal of harming or injuring another living being who is motivated to avoid such treatment
Instrumental vs Hostile agression
Instrumental vs Expressive aggression
Frustration Aggression Theory
Whether aggression will end in frustration
Whether an apology is offered
Same sex homicides
89% violent crime is committed by men
Men instrumental, women expressive
Sex differences in aggression appear before 2 years
SLT on why males are aggressive
Findings of Studies
Children learnt not to be aggressive
Sex differences before children can apply gender roles
Society's view on aggression
Ages of violence/mate competition
Rank associated with reproductive success
Mutual Facework
Cost to women of aggression
Women have more phobias of blood/animals
How women rate situations and fear of attack
Genetic component as well as environment/culture

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