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Can you name the Outer Space Terms within 20 minutes?

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DescriptionPlanet/Location/ObjectMore Info
Hot sourceNever look at it directly or point a camera or telescope at it.
Orbits around a planet
A system of planets and other objects
A belt of asteroids
Dots of light in the sky usually white
First planet
Second planet
Human planet
Cool robot/alien planet
Another awesome planet
Planet with ringsPeople may ice skate on this planet
This planet has a funny nameHa-Ha! Make fun of this planet's name. It is the worst planet ever.
This planet is blue
This is no longer a planet
This planet has the letter XThis planet is only half built.
DescriptionPlanet/Location/ObjectMore Info
A station where astronauts stay while in space
Vehicle to blast off in
Short for 'Unidentified Flying Object'
An airplane that go in space
Alien color
Alien color
Alien color
Alien color
Alien color
Alien color
Alien color
Alien color
Alien color
Alien color

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