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Function of GodName of GodSymbols
Goddes of wisdom, war, and weavingowl, olive tree, shield, helmet
Goddes of gates and doorwaystwo faces
God of sun and songbow, lyre, laurel
King of gods and ruler of mankindeagle, scepter, thnderbolt
God of nature and flockswolfskin, wreath, goblet, horn
Goddes of moon and huntingbow, dogs, deer, moon
Controlled the destiny of all mortalsspinning wheel, string, scissors
Goddes of fire and hearthhearth fire
God of the seatrident, dolphin
Goddess of love and beautydoves, sparrows, myrtle tree
Function of GodName of GodSymbols
God of wine, drama and revelrygrapevine, ivy
Messenger of the godswinged cap, sandals
Goddess of dawndewdrop, sun
God of warsword, shild, helmet
God of lovebow and arrow
God of fire, forge, and armoranvil, hammer
God of the underworld and wealthCeberus (dog who guarded underworld), bident
Queen of gods and wife of Zeusscepter, diadem, peacock, cow
God of harvestsickle
Goddes of agriculturewheat, ears of corn

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