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Can you name the Every binding of isaac afterbirth to afterbirth plus item?

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DescriptionItemWhat its from
Transcendent tearsAfterbirth
A gift from aboveAfterbirth+
Range + luck upAfterbirth
More sacks!Afterbirth
***** want coin!Afterbirth
ydduB BuddyAfterbirth
Dark friendAfterbirth
Short cutterAfterbirth
He's a bleeder!Afterbirth+
More active item roomBooster pack #4
Double charge!Afterbirth
Egg sack bombs!Afterbirth
A gurd of your ownAfterbirth
You feel very balancedAfterbirth+
The kiss of deathAfterbirth
Don't swallow the prize!Afterbirth
Flip a coinAfterbirth
What will it be?Afterbirth+
Projectile shieldBooster pack #5
Protective friendAfterbirth
Lil Harbringers!Booster pack #3
Bone tears!Afterbirth+
Gain more friends!Afterbirth+
Peace be with youAfterbirth
Hard headed!Afterbirth+
Loss is powerAfterbirth+
Pill mimicAfterbirth
Reroll rewards!Afterbirth
What could it be?Booster pack #1
Your destinyAfterbirth
Gold tears!Afterbirth+
Nice Hat!Afterbirth
Damage boosterAfterbirth
Love toots!Afterbirth
Control you tearsAfterbirth
Reroll statsAfterbirth
He's deliriousAfterbirth+
Intensifying tearsAfterbirth
I reward an ***** ******Afterbirth
Never ending stores!Afterbirth
Bloody friendAfterbirth+
Pills pills pills!Afterbirth+
Lil hush!Afterbirth+
Eyeball tears!Booster pack #3
Feed them loveAfterbirth
Electric tearsAfterbirth+
Consume thy enemyAfterbirth
Eclipsed by the moonBooster pack #3
Holy shot!Afterbirth
Panic - powerAfterbirth+
Game breaking bug, right away!Afterbirth
Choking hazardBooster pack #5
He's violentBooster pack #3
What's in the box?Afterbirth
Sprinkles.Booster pack #1
Friendly flyAfterbirth
Your future shines brighterAfterbirth
Pack and unpackBooster pack #2
Wrapped up nice for youBooster pack #1
A Legend Of Zelda RefrenceAfterbirth+
Turret followerAfterbirth
Hold me!Afterbirth+
Sticky bomb shot!Afterbirth
DescriptionItemWhat its from
Reroll foreverAfterbirth+
Uh oh...Afterbirth
Giga fartAfterbirth
Turn back timeAfterbirth
Accuracy brings power!Afterbirth
Smite thy enemyBooster pack #4
Be gentle...Afterbirth
360 tears!Afterbirth+
Feed them hateAfterbirth
Bloody Recharge!Booster pack #2
Faster bomb drops!Booster pack #1
He demands a sacrificeBooster pack #5
Spin the black circle!Afterbirth
Gives Sacks!Afterbirth+
It's sharp!Afterbirth+
Stabbing timeBooster pack #5
Scary PepperAfterbirth+
Feed them!Booster pack #4
You feel cursed....Afterbirth
I Can't believe it's not Butter BeanAfterbirth+
MLaser breathAfterbirth
Directed tearsAfterbirth
Static tears!Booster pack #2
Penny tears!Afterbirth
Watch where you point that!Afterbirth+
Stick it to 'em!Afterbirth
Use with cautionAfterbirth+
I remember this...Afterbirth+
Your fate beside youAfterbirth
Friendly flyAfterbirth+
HP up?Booster pack #5
Nothing can escapeBooster pack #1
Egg tears!Afterbirth+
Wide shotAfterbirth
The heavens will change youAfterbirth
Money talksAfterbirth
Shrink shotAfterbirth
Mod buddy!Afterbirth
Protect me from myselfAfterbirth
What's in there?Afterbirth+
It itches...Afterbirth+
Creep shotsAfterbirth+
Lord of the dead!Afterbirth+
I see the futureAfterbirth+
Caaan Do!Booster pack #3
Me! And my shaaaadow!Afterbirth
Gotta catch em...Afterbirth+
What's inside?Afterbirth
Aura stat boostAfterbirth
There are even more options!Afterbirth
Double item visionAfterbirth
Bark at the moon!Afterbirth+
Prize Bombs!Afterbirth
He farts!Afterbirth
Rerolls rocksAfterbirth
You feel SafeBooster pack #5
Don't cry over itAfterbirth
I'm leaking...Afterbirth+
Follows my every move...Afterbirth
The power of mindBooster pack #2
It followsAfterbirth+
Just hope you're not next...Booster pack #4
4-way buddy!Afterbirth
Gotta catch 'em all?Afterbirth
Unleash the power!Afterbirth+
DescriptionItemWhat its from
LAG!Booster pack #1
Gotta Fetch 'em all!Afterbirth
Party time!Booster pack #1
Spider loveAfterbirth
Chub chubAfterbirth+
You feel cozy?Afterbirth
We put bombs in you bombs!Afterbirth
Needle shotAfterbirth+
More blood!Afterbirth+
Explosive blast!Afterbirth
Crying makes me tootAfterbirth+
Lost but not forgottenBooster pack #5
He wants your keys!Afterbirth
Skipping tearsBooster pack #5
I'm seeing red...Booster pack #4
Allow 6 weeks for deliveryBooster pack #2
Fetch!Booster pack #5
Mass poisonAfterbirth
I feel numb...Afterbirth+
Portable sanctuaryBooster pack #5
Eye shot!Afterbirth
Sacrificial inseminationBooster pack #5
You're tearing me apart!Booster pack #2
Camo kidAfterbirth+
It feels cursedBooster pack #5
Rise from the graveBooster pack #5
Turn your enemyAfterbirth
Sworn friendAfterbirth
The untainted gain powerAfterbirth
Peace be with youAfterbirth+
Remote tear detonationAfterbirth
Laser ring tearsAfterbirth
Ain't he cute?Afterbirth+
Midnight snack!Afterbirth+
Tears up + you feel emptyBooster pack #5
Blood and guts!Afterbirth+
Blind tears!Afterbirth+
Lost protectorAfterbirth
Range + tears upAfterbirth
A pound of fleshAfterbirth+
Puking buddyBooster pack #5
Rainbow Effects!Afterbirth
Rune generatorAfterbirth
Call to the voidAfterbirth
Everything hurtsBooster pack #5
Watch your back!Afterbirth+
Double wiz shot!Afterbirth
Matt's kidney stoneAfterbirth
Trinket melter!Afterbirth+
Trick or treat?Afterbirth+
Their blood brings rage!Afterbirth
Possessed tears!Afterbirth+
More stuff to carry!Afterbirth
Scared of the dark?Afterbirth
Money = Health!Afterbirth+
Father's blessingBooster pack #5
Waggles a fingerAfterbirth+
Double your friendsAfterbirth
Booger tears!Afterbirth+

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