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Can you name the words connected to the song 'Mambo No. 5'?

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Last name of Mambo No. 5 singer Lou
Asks for money on street
Puts money on an event happening
Small pieces of something
Holes in the ground, or with 'the', a slang term for 'the worst'
A type of slightly leavened wheat bread (one spelling)
A little bit of ____'s all I need
____ of passage, a ritual that mark the change from one status to another
To increase, or become higher
A trick or ploy
A letter in the ancient Norse alphabet
A song
A type of saltwater fish
A little bit of ____'s all I see
Aluminium containers for beans or peas
Turns brown in the sun
Coats with a black sticky substance
Red planet rumoured to have life, or chocolate bar
A little bit of ____ all night long
Supplies with people, or an incorrect plural for 'male human'
How much matter is in an object
An untidy state
A little bit of _______, here I am (short form of her name)
To joke
Fair in decision making
To break or burst an object, or catch a criminal
George ____, Man United footballer
Crooked, not straight
To make curved in crooked in shape
A group of musicians, or stretchy rubber ring
A little bit of ______ in the sun (first 4 letters only)
Not crazy
One of the functions in trigonometry
A little bit of Erica by my ____
To travel on a bike or in a cra, bus or taxi
Widespread, abundant, plentiful
A little bit of Monica in my ____
Opposite of die
Mambo Number ____

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