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Can you name words with 'aa', 'ii' or 'uu' in them?

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Hank ____, famous baseball player
Son of Abraham in the Bible
A guava-flavoured fizzy drink
Multiple semidiameters
A winter sport popular in the Alps
An ancient city destroyed by a volcano
50th state in America
Nintendo games console
Dyson is a popular brand of these, but in science it refers to an empty space
Two men coruling
Space-time ________
Hawaiian item of clothing
A type of animal
A chemical compound with three iodine atoms
Very hard, almost undoable (also spelled hyphenated)
Used to reduce swelling (sometime spelled with a hyphen)
With extreme precision (usually hyphenated)
A type of depressant
A unit equal to a billion years
Partly impervious
A Japanese mushroom
Travelling down a runway

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