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Asky blue
Ban aromatic chemical compound
Cinsane, mad
Dlight rain
Ea substance produced by a living organism which acts as a catalyst to bring about a specific biochemical reaction
Fto turn a liquid into a solid
Gsomeone who fits glass into windows and doors
Hrandom, hit-and-miss
Ian old name for the letter Z
Jdevoted follower or supporter, member of the Turkish infantry
Ka type of wind instrument
La diamond shaped symbol, or something taken to soothe throat pain
Mwild sweet cherry, or the tree bearing this fruit
First LetterAnswerHint
Na headland or cape
OO3, forms a layer around the Earth
Pinstrument for measuring pressure or compressibility
Qa crystalline mineral, sometimes rose-coloured
Rin the shape of a grain of rice
San alignment of 3 or more celestial bodies
Tto tease out, draw out
Uto make bigger
Va high ranking official or minister
WAn annual summer dinner or outing held by a printing house for its employees
XAmerican rapper known for being on Pimp My Ride
Ya Japanese organized crime syndicate
Zrelating to the square of a number

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