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HintAnswerWord Length
Total lack of fear7
Light ____, used to illuminate4
Corrosive, burning, often followed by 'soda'7
Request forcefully or insistently6
All people8
Immune to idiots, impossible to fail9
Hello, hi, good morning are all ______s8
Purple or blue flower8
Person from Baghdad5
A possible variant of George4
Small trinket10
Flat, horizontal, or part of a video game5
The lowest amount or value7
HintAnswerWord Length
Unit of force named after Isaac of gravity fame6
Place in Florida or actor ____ Bloom7
Fine words don't butter this vegetable7
The French word for 4512
A device that turns things7
A classification of animals7
Starts with T, ends with T, full of tea6
Linux operating system or South African philosophy6
Anatoly _____, Russian theatre director8
Weeping ____ or ____ Smith6
Photocopying machine5
When all the Beatles' troubles seemed so far away9
10^21 cycles per second10

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