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QUIZ: Can you name the Olympic Gold Medal Individual Winners 2012?

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Archery M KOR
Archery WKOR
Athletics M 100mJAM
Athletics M 200mJAM
Athletics M 400mGRN
Athletics M 800mKEN
Athletics M 1500mALG
Athletics M 5000mGBR
Athletics M 10,000mGBR
Athletics M 110m HurdlesUSA
Athletics M 400m HurdlesDOM
Athletics M 3000m SteeplechaseKEN
Athletics M MarathonUGA
Athletics M 20km WalkCHN
Athletics M 50km WalkRUS
Athletics M High JumpRUS
Athletics M Pole VaultFRA
Athletics M Long JumpGBR
Athletics M Triple JumpUSA
Athletics M Shot PutPOL
Athletics M DiscusGER
Athletics M Hammer HUN
Athletics M JavelinTRI
Athletics M DecathlonUSA
Athletics W 100mJAM
Athletics W 200mUSA
Athletics W 400mUSA
Athletics W 800mRUS
Athletics W 1500mTUR
Athletics W 5000mETH
Athletics W 10,000mETH
Athletics W 100m HurdlesAUS
Athletics W 400m HurdlesRUS
Athletics W 3000m SteeplechaseRUS
Athletics W MarathonETH
Athletics W 20km WalkRUS
Athletics W High JumpRUS
Athletics W Pole VaultUSA
Athletics W Long JumpUSA
Athletics W Triple JumpKAZ
Athletics W Shot PutNZL
Athletics W DiscusCRO
Athletics W HammerRUS
Athletics W JavelinCZE
Athletics W HeptathlonGBR
Badminton MCHN
Badminton WCHN
Boxing M Light FlyweightCHN
Boxing M FlyweightCUB
Boxing M BantamweightGBR
Boxing M LightweightUKR
Boxing M Light WelterweightCUB
Boxing M WelterweightKAZ
Boxing M MiddleweightJPN
Boxing M Light HeavyweightRUS
Boxing M HeavyweightUKR
Boxing M Super HeavyweightGBR
Boxing W FlyweightGBR
Boxing W LightweightIRL
Boxing W MiddleweightUSA
Canoeing Slalom M C1 FRA
Canoeing Slalom M K1ITA
Canoeing Slalom W K1FRA
Canoeing Sprint M C1UKR
Canoeing Sprint M C1GER
Canoeing Sprint M K1GBR
Canoeing Sprint M K1NOR
Canoeing Sprint W K1 200mNZL
Canoeing Sprint W K1 500mHUN
Cycling Road M Road RaceKAZ
Cycling Road W Road RaceNED
Cycling Road M Time TrialGBR
Cycling Road W Time TrialUSA
Cycling Track M SprintGBR
Cycling Track W SprintAUS
Cycling Track M KeirinGBR
Cycling Track W KeirinGBR
Cycling Track M OmniumDEN
Cycling Track W OmniumGBR
Cycling Mountain Biking M Cross CountryCZE
Cycling Mountain Biking W Cross CountryFRA
Cycling BMX MLAT
Cycling BMX WCOL
Diving M 3m SpringboardRUS
DIving W 10m PlatformUSA
Diving M 3m SpringboardCHN
DIving W 10m PlatformCHN
Equestrian DressageGBR
Equestrian EventingGER
Equestrian JumpingSUI
Fencing M ÉpéeVEN
Fencing M FoilCHN
Fencing M SabreHUN
Fencing W ÉpéeUKR
Fencing W FoilITA
Fencing W SabreKOR
Gymnastics Artistic M All-AroundJPN
Gymnastics Artistic M FloorCHN
Gymnastics Artistic M Pommel HorseHUN
Gymnastics Artistic M RingsBRA
Gymnastics Artistic M VaultKOR
Gymnastics Artistic M Parallel BarsCHN
Gymnastics Artistic M Horizontal BarNED
Gymnastics Artistic W All-AroundUSA
Gymnastics Artistic W VaultROM
Gymnastics Artistic W FloorUSA
Gymnastics Artistic W Uneven BarsRUS
Gymnastics Artistic W Balance BeamCHN
Gymnastics Rhythmic All-AroundRUS
Gymnastics Trampoline MCHN
Gymnastics Trampoline WCAN
Judo M Extra-LightweightRUS
Judo M Half-Lightweight GEO
Judo M LightweightRUS
Judo M Half-MiddleweightKOR
Judo M MiddleweightKOR
Judo M Half-HeavyweightRUS
Judo M HeavyweightFRA
Judo W Extra-LightweightBRA
Judo W Half-Lightweight PRK
Judo W LightweightJPN
Judo W Half-MiddleweightSLO
Judo W MiddleweightFRA
Judo W Half-HeavyweightUSA
Judo W HeavyweightCUB
Modern Pentathlon MCZE
Modern Pentathlon WLTU
Rowing M Single ScullsNZL
Rowing W Single ScullsCZE
Sailing M SailboardNED
Sailing M Laser ClassAUS
Sailing M Finn ClassGBR
Sailing W SailboardESP
Sailing W Laser Radial ClassCHN
Shooting M 10m Air PistolKOR
Shooting M 10m Air RifleROU
Shooting M 25m Rapid Fire PistolCUB
Shooting M 50m PistolKOR
Shooting M 50m Rifle ProneBLR
Shooting M 50m Rifle 3 PositionsITA
Shooting M TrapCRO
Shooting M Double TrapGBR
Shooting M SkeetUSA
Shooting W 10m Air PistolCHN
Shooting W 10m Air RifleCHN
Shooting W 25m PistolKOR
Shooting W 50m Rifle 3 PositionsUSA
Shooting W TrapITA
Shooting W SkeetUSA
Swimming M 50m FreestyleFRA
Swimming M 100m FreestyleUSA
Swimming M 200m FreestyleFRA
Swimming M 400m FreestyleCHN
Swimming M 1500m FreestyleCHN
Swimming M 100m BackstrokeUSA
Swimming M 200m BackstrokeUSA
Swimming M 100m BreaststrokeRSA
Swimming M 200m BreaststrokeHUN
Swimming M 100m ButterflyUSA
Swimming M 200m ButterflyRSA
Swimming M 200m MedleyUSA
Swimming M 400m MedleyUSA
Swimming M 10km MarathonTUN
Swimming W 50m FreestyleNED
Swimming W 100m FreestyleNED
Swimming W 200m FreestyleUSA
Swimming W 400m FreestyleFRA
Swimming W 800m FreestyleUSA
Swimming W 100m BackstrokeUSA
Swimming W 200m BackstrokeUSA
Swimming W 100m BreaststrokeLTU
Swimming W 200m BreaststrokeUSA
Swimming W 100m ButterflyUSA
Swimming W 200m ButterflyCHN
Swimming W 200m MedleyCHN
Swimming W 400m MedleyCHN
Swimming W 10km MarathonHUN
Table Tennis MCHN
Table Tennis WCHN
Taekwondo M FlyweightESP
Taekwondo M LightweightTUR
Taekwondo M MiddleweightARG
Taekwondo M HeavyweightITA
Taekwondo W FlyweightCHN
Taekwondo W LightweightGBR
Taekwondo W MiddleweightKOR
Taekwondo W HeavyweightSRB
Tennis MGBR
Tennis WUSA
Triathlon MGBR
Triathlon WSUI
Weightlifting M 56kgPRK
Weightlifting M 62kgPRK
Weightlifting M 69kgCHN
Weightlifting M 77kgCHN
Weightlifting M 85kgPOL
Weightlifting M 94kgKAZ
Weightlifting M 105kgUKR
Weightlifting M 105+kgIRI
Weightlifting W 48kgCHN
Weightlifting W 53kgKAZ
Weightlifting W 58kgCHN
Weightlifting W 63kgKAZ
Weightlifting W 69kgPRK
Weightlifting W 75kgKAZ
Weightlifting W 75+kgCHN
Wrestling Freestyle M 55kgRUS
Wrestling Freestyle M 60kgAZE
Wrestling Freestyle M 66kgJPN
Wrestling Freestyle M 74kgUSA
Wrestling Freestyle M 84kgAZE
Wrestling Freestyle M 96kgUSA
Wrestling Freestyle M 120kgUZB
Wrestling Freestyle W 48kgJPN
Wrestling Freestyle W 55kgJPN
Wrestling Freestyle W 63kgJPN
Wrestling Freestyle W 72kgRUS
Wrestling Greco-RomanIRI
Wrestling Greco-RomanIRI
Wrestling Greco-RomanKOR
Wrestling Greco-RomanRUS
Wrestling Greco-RomanRUS
Wrestling Greco-RomanIRI
Wrestling Greco-RomanCUB

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