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What is the first words said in the movie
Who is the first person seen in the movie??
Of the 4 principle friends, who is the last to show up?
Who has the first spoken line?
How much does Curt get for his scholarship?
What does John remember from five years ago?
What kind of car does Laurie drive?
Terry has an undignified nickname, what is it?
Whaqt is the name of the high school, the gang goes to?
Where does Terry want to take Budda to?
Where is Carol and the group of girls from?
John gives himself a nickname if anyone sees him with Carol. what is the nickname?
Who did Bobbie Tucker want Curt to introduce her to?
What happened after the introduction?
Who is Laurie talkingto in the school bathroom?
What were Steve and Eddie putting on in the boys bathroom?
Who said, 'Get your cooties off me?'
Who is Holstein?
What is John accused of?
What street was he supposed to be at?
Who does Terry compare Debbie to?
Who was supposed to do the decorations at the high school?
Where is the band supposed to be from?
What is Carol's address
Talking with Steve, what did Curt feel like?
What did Curt say he had to go meet?
What time did Steve say it was when Curt and him parted ways again
What was Wolfman Enterprises?
What kind of car did Curt drive?
What did the Manager offer Curt?
Where was the Wolfman?
What time was it in the radio station??
What is the name of the road that Milner and Falfa race on??
What was the phone number that Wolfman told the blonde in the T-bird to call?
What happened to Falfa's car?
What street does the Blonde say she cruises every night?
Who gets killed by a drunk driver?
Who gets reported missing in action?
Who sells insurance?
Who becomes a writer?

From the Vault

'O' in History

by wiggytitch

History 5m
O? You didn't know about history?
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